It's easy to feel off balance when you're constantly on the go. This program designed for travelers will help you stay grounded, no matter how far you fly. With three distinct classes that address the challenges of being on the road, you'll acclimate your body, develop perseverance and resilience, and open to the rhythms of your new location. Pack this program when you travel to maintain some familiarity in your routine, and feel at home wherever you land.
Level 2

3 Classes

Classes are 30 min
Level 2
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Week 1

Take a moment to ground yourself and unwind after your time on the road. Plant roots where you've landed by focusing on the downward flow of energy while opening your hips, chest and shoulders. You'll begin with seated breathwork, surrender into forward folds and humble warriors, then move to the wall for some headstand work. It's important that you listen to what your body needs right now, so you can arrive, acclimate and hit the ground running. Props Needed: Wall space.
Create unshakeable inner strength and resilience that will allow you to move with the flow of your journey. You'll build heat in your center of power by accessing the swirling, combustive energy that lives in the core. Begin with kapila bati (skull-shining breath) and uddiyana bandha kriya, then move through several hip and chest-opening surya A and B rounds. Class will conclude at the wall with pincha mayurasana, headstand and L-stand to encourage an adventurous mindset. Props Needed: Wall space.
Open to the richness of possibility that travel provides with a creative, flowing sequence. Meet the place you are in with vitality and clear vision by encouraging the energy of circulation. You'll begin with nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), then get your blood moving with a full-bodied flow that includes arm balances like eka hasta bhujasana, astavakrasana and flying pigeon. Immerse yourself in the magic of your new location, then return to these practices when you're back on the road.
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