Preparing to welcome your little one is an exciting, yet uncertain process. This meditation program will support you through the metamorphosis of motherhood, as you discover and embrace the mama you will become. You'll learn breathing techniques and visualizations to empower your journey, that can be practiced throughout any stage of your pregnancy. Allow a moment in your day to connect with your growing baby, and soak in all the magic of this time.
Level 1-2

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Classes are 15 min
Level 1-2
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Week 1

Congratulations, Mama-to-Be! With the joy of anticipation can come a flurry of worries. This meditation will help to ease the fears that naturally arise during pregnancy, so you can fully embrace this sacred time. Props Suggested: A blanket, bolster, or chair.
Right now you and your baby are one being; you share your energy, emotions, and breath. Practice a visualization to bathe your baby in golden light, and create a heartfelt connection to communicate your love. Props Suggested: A blanket, bolster, or chair.
Pregnancy is a complete transformation for both you and your baby. Consider all the changes you'll both undergo. From your physical evolution to your changing identity, learn to remain present in the midst of all this growth. Props Suggested: A blanket, bolster, or chair.

Week 2

Experience the sacred nature of birth by allowing your mind to arrive at the birthplace of all things. You'll tap into the womb of the cosmos, then feel that same power and creative energy within you. Props Suggested: A blanket, bolster, or chair.
Your body contains the ancient wisdom of all the mothers who came before you. Feel empowered by these lines of energy that stretch back through the generations. Your intuition is a powerful tool that will help guide you through this experience. Props Suggested: A blanket, bolster, or chair.
The metamorphosis you are experiencing is the miracle of life. Trust that your body was made to house this miracle. Just as the sun rises and the flowers bloom, you have the power within you to create new life. Props Suggested: A blanket, bolster, or chair.
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