Want to get stronger? These programs are specifically designed to give you a balanced workout to condition muscles for increased strength and stamina, while propelling your body through a fuller range of motion. Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase tone or build more muscle, completing this program will help you be and feel stronger.
Level 2

9 Classes

Between 5-60 mins
Level 2
classes per week

Week 1

]Sometimes all you need is a little pick me up. Target the neck, abs and back in this easy-to-follow slow flow. You'll leave feeling refreshed, opened up, and strengthened through your midsection. Props Needed: Two blocks.
This 30:1 practice is all about seated asanas, my fellow yogis. We hope to bring more awareness to your core, hips and hammys via some assisted lolasana lifts and seated variations. Pickups, jumpbacks and vinyasas are optional, but the use of blocks is a must. Yogis of all levels can approach this accessible, yet strong practice. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Reach inside and mine your internal source of wisdom and strength. Practice opening your collarbones and lengthening your spine through a series of standing poses and mild twists, and learn how to locate your strength and height no matter what your day presents. Prop Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A block and a strap.

Week 2

Everyone can use greater strength, tone and focus in their life. Focus on strengthening your entire body, including your hamstrings, glutes, core and shoulders. Includes slow, repetitive transitions and holding postures longer than average. Timed standing poses and inversions will be utilized to ensure you're working your right and left sides equally. Props Needed: A block and wall space.
Take a moment in meditation to anatomically explore your core musculature. Your muscles work synergistically to bring stability and support to your pelvis and lower back. Rather than the classical "core crunches", explore planks and squats, as well as standing balancing poses to activate pelvic floor stability and deep core muscles. Counter with backbends and twists. Finish feeling strong in your core and connected to your power center.
Your hands and shoulder girdles are essential foundational aspects for arm balances and inversions. A tutorial style class, use detailed instruction to move through various exercises designed to create strength and awareness around your hands, arms, and shoulder girdle. A great practice with plenty of detail for both student and practitioner. There is even a little self massage to conclude your practice. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap.

Week 3

Explore the full range of what your core body is capable of. Challenge yourself and explore fullness of Chapasana pose mixed with opposite contractions. Props Needed: A blanket and two blocks.
A short class that is meant to be used repetitively to build strength for inversion prep. You can use this class on it's one or use it before or after another class. There is no warm up or cool down, just the important stuff for building strength over time. If you're using it on its own start with some sun salutations and cool down after as you like and end with a brief savasana. You'll be ready to rock your inversions in no time! Props Needed: A block and a strap.
Use this short practice to strengthen the sides of your torso. This can help balance your entire trunk and strengthen your shoulders. Two blocks are needed if you'd like to make this more challenging. Due to the short time, it is advised that your shoulders and core are already warmed up. This is also a great practice to add to your daily routine if you'd like to build overall side body toning. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
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