Ignite your inner power as you challenge and strengthen your entire body. This program fuses yoga flow with conditioning work to enhance your physical and mental stamina. Expect core work, dynamic movements, arm balances and inversions throughout each sweat-inducing, 20-minute class. You'll isolate the muscles that support your yoga practice, so you can move through poses with confidence and grace. Use this program to develop a strong foundation, and feel empowered to take on anything that comes your way.
Level 2

6 Classes

Yoga Conditioning
Classes are 20 min
Level 2
classes per week
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Week 1

Begin your exploration of power and strength by focusing on the core, your center of power. After a brief stretch in half pigeon, get right to your core with floor work and plank variations. Remain stable in standing poses like utthitha hasta padangustasana (extended hand-to-big-toe), then move into a supported bridge before ending in a final seat. Be prepared to try out some conditioning movements you may not be used to! Props Needed: A block.
Continue to develop power throughout your body with a class that will leave you feeling strong and centered. Steady your breath in child's pose, then move through cat/cows to prepare you to continue working your core on the floor and in plank. Feel powerful as you test your stamina with side plank variations, give a few arm balances a try, then round out the class with some standing twists.
Build strength throughout your body and mind, so you can feel powerful from the inside out. Today, you'll create heat with reclining leg extensions, stoke the fire with knee taps in plank, then work up a sweat with mountain climbers. Find your true power in standing splits and bakasana, then explore three variations of headstand with a few modification options.

Week 2

Use your strength on the mat to increase your power in everything you do. Access the deepest layers of your core muscles in forearm plank with three types of taps, then work your core and glutes with some dynamic floor exercises. Today's practice will explore backbends like ustrasana (camel) and natarajasana (lord of the dance), to encourage a feeling of expansiveness and empowerment.
Feel empowered to take on whatever comes your way! Wake up your body by stretching your hips and sides, then get dynamic with pistol squats. Stand strong and steady in utthita hasta padangustasana (extended hand-to-big-toe) and warrior III, then ease into a supported hanumanasana (monkey) to prepare you for powerful hanuman jumps. Props Needed: Two blocks.
This final class (way to go!) will incorporate elements of the previous practices, in one powerful, wide-ranging sequence. Establish your breath in child's pose before tackling some floor work and plank variations. Flow through a standing sequence, including hanuman jumps, that leads to an expansive full wheel on your blocks. Take some time to acknowledge your progress, and move through this practice feeling strong, capable and confident. Props Needed: Two blocks.
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