Feeling like you need a timeout? Every day, parents experience the full spectrum of emotions, from tenderness and joy to exhaustion and frustration. This meditation program was designed to address the many highs and lows of parenting while creating a moment of peace in an often-frenzied day. Each short, but potent meditation can be practiced anytime, whether waiting in the school parking lot or sneaking in a moment while your baby naps. Take this time to invest in your own self-care, so you can show up for your kids in a more loving, patient and energized way.
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Week 1

It's easy to get drawn into your children's world and lose track of your own boundaries. This meditation gives you permission to recapture your sense of self, and take some time that is just for you. As you focus on breathing into your own body, heart and mind, give yourself some of the precious love and attention that you are constantly giving to your kids.
As parents, feeling well rested can seem like a luxury of the past. This meditation will guide you through a deep and systematic relaxation of your entire body, so you can emerge feeling rejuvenated and recharged. Take time off from constantly being "on," and create some space to just let go.
From fears and judgements to never ending to-do lists, you may find yourself holding on to some unwanted energy. Today, acknowledge then let go of any excess psychic weight that you are holding in your body. Using your breath as a guide, release your worries and anxieties and rest in the unburdened openness that you create.

Week 2

Parents' hearts are filled with a unique and potent kind of love. But like any muscle, the heart gets fatigued and needs care. This meditation will soothe your heart, while working on expanding your capacity to love. Allow love and gratitude to surround your entire being, as you gently and sweetly breathe into your heart space.
Many parents exist in a state of depleted scatteredness. This meditation will allow you to tap into the wellspring of energy within you, and fill yourself with power and light. Use the strength of your love and commitment as a parent to encourage a feeling of energized steadiness.
For your final practice, use the power of visualization to create the ultimate experience of parenting. Connect to the qualities of an ideal parent, feeling balanced, wise, loving and powerful. Imagine what it would be like to live with these energies during both challenging and beautiful moments, allowing this vision to inspire your everyday interactions.
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