Like oil for your hinges, this two-week mobility program is designed to help you move through life more freely and efficiently. Each 15-minute class will activate then stretch commonly tight muscle groups, creating balanced strength and flexibility. You'll explore dynamic variations of familiar poses and also learn some unconventional new movements. If you have an active lifestyle but feel limited by your flexibility, this program will help you expand your range of motion, so you can feel at ease both on and off the mat.
Level 1-2

6 Classes

Classes are 15 min
Level 1-2
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Week 1

Welcome to your first day of mobility work! Today, you'll create space in your hips by learning how to move them in new patterns. Begin by lubricating your hip joints with windshield-wiper movements leading into upright stretches, then move on to dynamic explorations of pigeon and lunge. Class will conclude with a final stretch in frog pose. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
This class will flex, stretch and lengthen your front hips and hamstrings. You'll activate your muscles with bridge lift variations, then release into a hamstring stretch with your strap. Continue to lengthen with wide-legged forward folds, then finish in a seated forward bend with modification options for varying levels of flexibility. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap.
Promote shoulder mobility with movements that will open your pecs, lats and collar bones. You'll explore your full range of motion while creating space to sit tall. Begin with a supine heart opener, then move through some shoulder-focused cat/cows and variations of puppy pose. Conclude with seated shoulder stretches featuring eagle arms and gomukhasana arms with a strap. Props Needed: Two blocks. Props Suggested: A strap.

Week 2

Continue the hip work you began in the first class, creating a bit more intensity with new postures and movements. Begin with a seated stretch then practice another variation of windshield-wiper movements into upward stretches. You'll round out the class with dynamic transitions from malasana to a seated twist to help counteract the effects of sitting and slouching throughout the day.
Create more ease and fluidity in your spine using wave-like movements. You'll warm up your spine with seated cat/cows, isolating the movements of your upper and lower body. Next, working from your pelvis to the crown of your head, create spinal rolls in tabletop position, adding lateral movements for increased mobility. Continue these snake-like motions with downward-dog-to-plank rolls, riding the wave of your body back and forth. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Integrate the skills you developed in the previous five classes into one, full-body mobility practice. Begin in tabletop with cat/cows, before moving on to downward-dog-to-plank spinal rolls. Continue to encourage pliability with seated windshield wipers to upright stretches and pigeon-to-seated-twist transitions, then get low with lunge variations to wrap things up. Consistency is key with mobility training, so remember to keep practicing!
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