Deepen your experience of meditation so you can infuse your teachings with passion and vibrancy. Throughout this program you will be immersed in a unique meditation practice each day, enhancing your work as a yoga teacher while providing you with essential inner-nourishment. Each class will begin with a short discussion and conclude with time for reflection and journaling. A great complement to your physical practice, these self-care tools will support you on your path as a lifelong student, and help you feel more confident, creative and connected to your teachings.
Level 2-3

7 Classes

Classes are 30 min
Level 2-3
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Week 1

Become acquainted with your inner landscape through an intimate exploration of your breath. Ground yourself with ujjayi pranayama, then focus on the experience of breathing in a seated meditation. Practice concludes with a moment for reflection, with an option to make notes in a journal if you desire. Props Suggested: A journal.
Take a moment to care for and connect with yourself, as you lovingly consider the full spectrum of your experience. Begin with ujjayi breathing, briefly letting go of your identity as a teacher so you can intimately experience the practice for yourself. Examine all the facets of your role as an instructor, acknowledging and releasing any judgements that arise. Props Suggested: A journal.
Hone your inner yoga practice using a mantra, a powerful and enlivened meditation tool. After focusing inward with ujjayi breathing, drop into a meditation using the mantra Ram. Feel the power and the sweetness in every vibration, then rest and reflect in the energy you've created. Props Suggested: A journal.
Cultivate energetic clarity, so you can remain an open vessel for your teachings. Begin with a body scan and ujjayi breathing before gradually releasing tension in your pelvic area, chest and head. Allow your energy to blossom as you clear each of your three hearts, then reflect on your experience feeling expanded and free. Props Suggested: A journal.
Encourage a profound vibrational shift by returning to your mantra practice. Nourish yourself with your breath as you infuse the vibrations into every part of your being. Feel the loving, healing energy pulsate around you, as your whole body hums to the sound of the mantra. Props Suggested: A journal.
Let go of your ideas about yourself so you can be a clear channel for your students. This class will use the ancient practice of neti-neti to relax and release your sense of self. Let your desires, fears and agendas fade away, as you gently surrender your body and mind. Props Suggested: A journal.
Service is at the heart of our practice as teachers. Let your breath be filled with light and love, so it can ripple out to the rest of the world. Send sacred energy to all places and beings, feeling each blessing emanate from the depths of your heart. Props Suggested: A journal.
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