Unlace your running shoes and get on your mat with this two-week yoga for runners program! Increase mobility and expand your body with a focus on precise alignment and injury free stretching. This practice is designed to mitigate the effects of repetitive running motion that often results in injury or immobility. This program addresses areas where runners often feel limited mobility (feet, ankles, calves, hips, quads, hamstrings and low back). Revisit this program between runs or anytime you need more flexibility, strength or mobility in your routine.
Level 1-2

6 Classes

Classes are 20 min
Level 1-2
classes per week
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Week 1

Welcome to your program designed to stretch all parts of your body that tend to tighten from running. You can expect a series of classes designed to target your feet, ankles, calves, quads, hips, low back, hamstrings and thighs. Begin with this first class that addresses areas of tightness common to most runners. This sequence will serve as the backbone, as the following classes of the sequence will build upon what you learn here. Unlace, unwind and let's get started.
Set your cadence in this class designed to bring more awareness to your hard working feet. The goal is to gain more mobility in your toes, top and bottom of foot, strengthen your ankles, and literally smash tension out of your calves.
Steady your stride and keep your momentum going with this class that works to open up your quads and hip flexors. Practice stretches that help release the binding hip flexors and tight quads. Begin with supine leg stretches, moving into backbends and an active sequence that includes gatekeeper and ardha chandrasana. Wind down reclined in poses that continue to leave you feeling lighter, not tighter.

Week 2

Open tight hamstrings to relieve low back stress with this class designed just for that. Warm up with cat/cows before moving into a series of poses like vasisthasana, lunge variations, forward folds and reclined postures that help release your tight muscles and stretch you out. Your will feel lengthened and strengthened, ready for you next running session.
Practice poses such as a vashistasana variation, figure four, lunge variations and eagle on the floor to get awareness, strength, and stretch in your outer hips and inner thighs. Finish with thigh openers and a brief savasana.
Almost there! Repeat our first sequence of this program and plug in the most challenging poses from each of the other sequences. This will serve as a barometer of your practice progress from the beginning of this series to its end.
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