Calling all yoga teachers and advanced students! Designed for when you are short on time, this 4-week program will help you maintain the internal focus required to better serve and give back to your students, your community and the world. This program is also great for an advanced student looking to be challenged, whether you are a teacher or not. Enjoy this holistic practice, incorporating creative sequencing, pranayama, kriyas, bandhas and mudras. Notice how your practice evolves while developing inspiration and trust that translates both on and off the mat.
Level 2-3

12 Classes

Vinyasa Flow
Classes are 20 min
Level 2-3
classes per week
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Week 1

A consistent personal practice is essential for any teacher. Establish a daily routine that will be built upon in subsequent classes, using your intention to set the foundation. Build a desire to know more and go deeper as you cover the fundamentals of the three ranges of movement in your body. Employ your drishti, deeply engage bandhas, and increase your prana as you refine alignment in poses. Let's begin.
Focus on better alignment, breath, and creativity in transitions that you'll come back to later in this program. Devote yourself to your practice to gain motivation and clarity. Focus on creative transitions and one breath per movement poses throughout. Includes twists and balancing postures.
Continue on with the basis of setting alignment, integrity, transitions, and now moving effectively from the core for better integration. Activate manipura chakra and remember the great parts of yourself, where you are strong, stable, and motivated. More creative and challenging transitions involving your core strength as you build on the previous practices. Props Needed: Two blocks and wall space

Week 2

This class systematically moves the energy of the body and mind to keep you light and vitalized. Flow through a three step 'cleansing' process: we create a foundational strength building pose, then a deep twist variation, and finally a delicious counter-pose/neutralizer in order to squeeze out the digestive system. This class is offered in the mandala style, moving around in all directions, using front, side and back of the mat as the 'front'.
A calming hip opening class with no chaturanga or updog transitions or inversions. Go deep into your hips and listen to your breath. Perfect for when you need to release some stuck energy and access power stored in your pelvis. This lovely flow will help to get you out of your mind, into your body, and very much into the power of your breath. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Often, as teachers, we are so physical in our classes, doing hands on assists, moving around the room, preparing props, etc, that we get out of balance. Back bending is the one part of practice that will re-balance, give energy back, and realign you. It requires energy and enthusiasm to do. This sweet teachers practice that includes affirmations will help get you flowing once more.

Week 3

This fluid practice is created for harnessing prana - relax into it and you'll find you're stronger than you think. Advance on the concepts you practiced in class one, moving joyfully through graceful transitions, curvy body opening postures, and inversions. Begin with a series of pranayama methods to establish energy techniques you can share with your students.
Step into your divinity and take postures to the next level with this sequence focused on interesting transitions. Nourish your spine with a flow of fluid movements. Open up your hips and further stoke your inner flame.
This strength based flow builds further on class number three's focus of core work and inversions. Work on balancing and maintaining a steady flow. Deeply reconnect to the essence of your self with poses such as camel, shoulder stand, and astavakrasana.

Week 4

Take your sequencing to the next level in this advanced practice that builds on class number four. Use your strap to deeper access eka pada rajakapotasana. Twist open, release tension and activate your digestive energy. Props Needed: A strap.
Hip opening focus that relates to class number five and builds on that sequencing. Bring yourself back to balance, back to a delightful place with this advanced practice that includes binding poses, titibasana, and parivrtta surya yantrasana.
Finish up this program with advanced sequencing that includes pincha vrschikasana and a deeply revolved prasarita padottanasana. After this well deserved time diving into your practice, now prepare to serve your students with a renewed sense of self.
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