Build strength and power without spending time in the gym. Taylor designed this program around his private client training sessions so you build strength, skill and become attuned to your breath in just 9 classes. This program will leave you feeling strong and confident in your body and mind.
Level 1-2

9 Classes

Vinyasa Flow
Classes are 30 min
Level 1-2
classes per week
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Week 1

Welcome to your Power, Skill and Breath Program! In this first class, get your body moving and begin to work with some of the poses you'll see throughout the program. Build rhythm and familiarity with sun salutations, then find poses such as salabhasana, virabhadrasana, twists, plank variations and detailed alignment on upper body poses. Let's get started!
Standing poses are at the heart of true strength. This class begins to work through a series of standing postures to tone your legs and core while drawing your energy up from the ground, to stand taller and stronger. Focus on your quads, hamstrings, calves and hips.
Now that you have a solid foundation, learn how to balance on one leg, ramping up your training to the next level! Learning to balance on one leg not only strengthens your lower body and core, but it really forces you to focus and breathe, making you mentally stronger in the process.

Week 2

Let's begin to focus your strength into your shoulders, chest, upper back, and arms. This class is a burner, aimed at sweeping through the upper body with full force. Don't worry, though! We'll conclude this practice by stretching out all of the areas you worked.
Give your arms and shoulders a break (especially after that last class!) and find power in your legs and core. This class is like a leg day at the gym, but yoga style, designed to make you feel connected to your powerhouse. Get ready for lower body full throttle with deep, fiery lunge work, squats and calf work. You've got this!
Forge strength in all sides of your body with this class. You'll work on circumferential engagement within poses that you have already seen, giving a new edge to your practice and even more space for progress and depth. Work with standing balances, side body and core engagers, a challenging plank flow and belly down backbends.

Week 3

Refine your attention to your breath within peak poses in this class. After warming up, move through a series of postures with which you're now comfortable, but with a spicy edge! Each one will be held between five and ten full breaths, a true physical body and mental burner. Feel how powerful you really are.
Moving skillfully and steadily within a yoga practice requires a certain level of technique, focus, and strength. Luckily, you've been practicing all of these things and it's now time to put them together. This class begins to move a little more quickly, combining breath with motion, strength with grace.
You made it! Now seal the deal with a challenging flow that brings everything together. This may be the last class in this series, but the journey is far from over. Remember that strength is ever evolving and maintaining your practice is the key to progress.
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