Teaching Pedagogy

How to Teach: Best Practices

Curriculum may include, but is not limited to: observation, demonstration, theming, cuing, hands-on-adjustments, both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, time management, class flow, class etiquette, tips on guiding both large groups and private sessions, special needs populations, and how to handle individual student questions.

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The Heart of SmartFLOW Yoga
Annie Carpenter

The Heart of SmartFLOW Yoga, a yoga methodology from master teacher Annie Carpenter, is a highly evolved teaching methodology that emphasizes mindful alignment grounded in both modern human anatomy and classical yoga philosophy. It's an embodied integration of the physical and the spiritual.

10 Chapters
The Ultimate Guide to Practicing & Teaching Arm Balances + Inversions
Jason Crandell

Are you an instructor looking to teach arm balances and inversions safely or a student who wants to master advanced postures? Take your practice to the next level with Jason Crandell's Ultimate Guide to Practicing & Teaching Arm Balances + Inversions. This comprehensive course is for teachers and students alike!

9 Chapters
The Yoga of Meditation
David Harshada Wagner

A practical training course to help yoga teachers deepen their own understanding and practice of meditation so they may guide students in a variety of meditation techniques. Learn the basic philosophical ideas behind meditation and master best practices for teaching meditation in your yoga classes.

12 Chapters
Vinyasa Krama: The Energetics of Sequencing
Rod Stryker

Vinyasa Krama provides the knowledge you need to become the most effective yoga practitioner or teacher. Through in-depth lectures and guided practices, master teacher Rod Stryker leads you into the holistic science of yoga, a training that will forever change how you see, practice and teach yoga.

32 Chapters
Inform Your Flow
Darren Rhodes

In this course, study with Darren Rhodes and learn the art of alignment articulation in a flow class setting. Clear and specific alignment cues are sure to evolve your student's practices while also promoting safety. Just as practice is a gift that keeps on giving, this course aims to be a gain that keeps on gaining value.

11 Chapters
The Art of Yoga Sequencing
Jason Crandell

In this course, study with Jason Crandell and learn the tools to develop meaningful, authentic and effective yoga sequences for you and your students. Gain the knowledge, inspiration and technique to generate fresh, safe sequences that represent your voice and vision as a teacher.

8 Chapters