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Yoga Stories to Inspire Your Practice

Beyond the Mat Meditation

Study the great figures in yoga - from Buddha to Ganesha to Hanuman - and how their stories can inform and inspire your practice.

The historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, sage of the Shakya clan lived in the age of the evolving yoga traditions known as the Shramanas. As part of those traditions of "great exertion" we consider the life and legend of the historical Buddha and his contemporaries as an alternative and counterpoised vision to the legacy of the Veda.
1 60 Dr. Douglas Brooks
The great legendary character Patanjali is central to our understanding of yoga traditions. We'll look here at Patanjali's historical legend, his attributed authorship of multiple sources, and the ways his life story creates a focal point for future studies of yoga.
1 60 Dr. Douglas Brooks
The unmistakeable elephant-headed god Ganesha has a remarkable and powerful story, one that invites the contemplation of identity, love, loss, and awakening. This is just the beginning of the Lord of Beginnings story.
1 60 Dr. Douglas Brooks
This epic poem, seven times the length of the Iliad and Odyssey combined, tells an enduring story of ancient India.
2 15 Dr. Chris Chapple
Explore the Western goddess tradition, examining its prehistoric roots. Listen to a surprising lecture on the goddess in Western history, while also undertaking two long meditations on goddess presence as the natural radiance of life energy and as the fierce and healing lion-headed mother goddess Sekhmet. Props Suggested: Bolsters and blankets for sitting.
2 60 Sally Kempton
After a five minute introductory lecture, move through a powerful protocol for grounding and centering, invoking the presence of one of the most powerful energies in the pantheon of Western Goddesses. Cultivate an intimate connection with the healing, initiatory power of Isis, and bring her unique radiance into the crown center as you open to the light of Goddess as the full moon. Props Needed: Bolsters and blankets for sitting.
1-2 15 Sally Kempton

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