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Yoga for Travel

Hatha Vinyasa Flow Meditation

Restore, renew and get centered before, during and after long journeys

When I get off a plane or out of a car, I want to do 3 things: open my hips, fix my back and appreciate that I'm at my destination. This is a go-to practice to re-balance your body. It has just enough movement and strength to make you feel alive, manage your jet-lag, and help reboot your system.
1-2 30 Jason Crandell
Sequence of standing poses, twists, an inversion, backbends, hip openers and forward bends. Learn to cultivate self-support and nourish ourselves with our practice while traveling. Using awareness of our back body to hydrate, heal and acknowledge both inner and outer body no matter where we are.
2 30 Elena Brower
Traveling soon? Take this tutorial with you and practice near your gate, pre-flight! Done from a seated position, we use wide-legged fold (upavistha konasana), bound-angle pose (baddhakonasana), forward fold (paschimottanasana) and seated twist (marichyasana C) to open our inner groin, hamstrings, hips and low back. Find a space that's clear - nevermind your fellow travelers. They're just looking because they wish they could feel as good as you do before the flight.
1-2 15 Dice Iida-Klein
Yoga for Travelers. This 30 minute class can be performed before or after you travel to ground your energy and find your sense of home. Various thigh stretches ending in a delicious wall sequence of headstand, viparita karani, and shoulder stand.
1-2 30 Marc Holzman
After travel, or just running around, use this short meditation to bring yourself firmly into the here and now.
1 5 David Harshada Wagner
Just landed from a long trip, or a long week cramped into a small space? This class isn't about technique or performance... it's about survival! Reclaiming range of motion and circulation is key for the maintenance of health and vitality. We touch the whole body with rhythmic movement and slow gentle transitions. If you have props, use them for the beginning sequence (blocks, bolster and strap). The legs in particular do get some extra love as we stretch into the hamstrings, hips and quads. Welcome home or happy trails!
1-2 60 Jo Tastula
When you are arriving or just getting home from a long trip, this practice can help you return more quickly to the circadian rhythms of the new time zone you are in though supine poses, twists and restoratives. Highly nurturing and ideal for restoring your energy so you can stave off those dangerous naps and stay up until bed time. You'll want a wall, a door or a bed headboard for Legs Up the Wall Pose (Viparita Karani) and a towel or blanket to lay on.
1 15 Amy Ippoliti
This post travel class is meant to help you unravel from your time on the plane, train or automobile. It's a gentle flow to get the circulation going and gently re-lengthen the tissues after hours of sitting, with a couple poses to help you adjust to jet lag as well. The perfect way to ease your body so you can enjoy your destination once you arrive. Props Needed: A strap. - Props Suggested: A block.
2 45 Tiffany Cruikshank
A quick pre travel class to stimulate the circulation, digestion & immune systems to prepare for a long flight. I've added a couple poses for the pineal gland as well to help ease jet lag symptoms when you arrive. A perfect medley of poses to prepare you for your fun filled adventures. Prop: Blanket
2 20 Tiffany Cruikshank
This practice will help you unwind after travel. Let go of your journey and let your body and mind know that you have arrived! In this class we begin with savasana and end with a breathing kriya that will clear the mind and leave you ready for whatever awaits whether it be relaxing or a business meeting. Prop: Strap
2 30 Stephanie Snyder
Being at home in your body is a consistent practice. Great for starting or ending your day, for arriving or departing, land in your highest self and experience the sensation of being in an exalted, sacred place - within you. Practice leading swiftly into forearm stand with grace and precision, as well as cross referencing sun salutes and reverse namaste arm variations.
2-3 20 Elena Brower
This practice is the morning Hatha yoga practice that Darren does when he travels. This class is casual, conversational, and yet gets the job done. A full spectrum class focusing mainly on standing poses.
2 45 Darren Rhodes

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