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Yoga for the Slopes

Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Prep for a day on the slopes and soothe yourself after a long powder session

Help relieve compression in your ankles, knees and hips after skiing. Align, balance strengthen and stretch the musculature of your legs. The focus of the poses is on stretching your quads and hip joints as well as building strength in your knees and legs. Great for both pre and post skiing. Props Needed: A block, a blanket and a strap.
1-2 10 Tias Little
A post ski/snowboarding routine to open your glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings and low back, all areas that are worked when you hit the slopes. The perfect quick practice for maintaining muscle balance and freedom, and will get you loosened up and ready to take on another day of mountain fun. Props Suggested: A blanket and a strap.
1 20 Tara Judelle
An accessible ski/snowboarding routine that is great to do just before hitting the slopes. You will target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, core and spine using slow supine stretches and twists. In just 20 minutes you can prepare your body for a full day of sailing down the mountain.
1 20 Tara Judelle
After a day on the slopes, this slow juicy practice of fluid stretchy full-body releases features hip openers, a moving pigeon sequence, arm circles, and a creative camel vinyasa to get you ready to go out in the snow yet again. From finding more flexibility in your feet to releases in the lateral stabilizers in your legs, this cross-training practice is great for skiers or snow sport enthusiasts alike.
1 30 Felicia Tomasko
If you are heading to the mountains for some winter time sports, this class is for you. Aimed at skiers and snowboarders, move through a balanced flow to prepare you for the snowy season. You will look at working your quads, hip flexors, core, hamstrings and hips. A great class to do post snow sports as well when your body is tight but you are looking to move and build heat.
2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank
It goes without saying that a pre and post ski/snowboard practice should unwind tension in your quads, hamstrings, outer-hips, and lower-back. This practice does exactly that. This sequence will also dive deeply into a region of the body that can easily be neglected but is just as important for these sports: the feet, ankles, and calves. If you practice these sports, you definitely need this practice.
1-2 30 Jason Crandell
After a long day of skiing, a quick, impactful practice will help your legs, hips and lower-back recover. Begin with reclined and seated postures that release tension in the calves, ankles and feet. Then use lunges and standing postures to open the quads. Conclude with seated twists that will work the kinks out of your lower back.
1-2 20 Jason Crandell
This quick, impactful practice will help your hips recover from a long day snowboarding. The sequence progressively warms and opens your outer and posterior hips, the two muscle groups that take the greatest amount of pounding when you ride. You will start with a few reclined postures before moving to deep lunges and seated openers. You will finish feeling more grounded, opened and refreshed. Props Suggested: A strap.
1-2 20 Jason Crandell
The perfect post ski recovery class to address your feet, calves, hips and quads. A nice tune up to prepare your muscles for the next day and to help maintain elasticity in these vital muscle groups. Props Needed: A strap. Props Suggested: Wall space.
1-2 15 Tiffany Cruikshank
You probably just want to lay down after a long day of riding. However, spending a few minutes stretching your feet, calves, hamstrings, quads and hips will make you feel even better. A mellow sequence, that will help you recover and prepare for another day on the mountain or a long car ride home. As a bonus, do a few twists that will help relieve stress on your lower back.
1 10 Jason Crandell
From one snowboarder to another, practice this sequence to unwind your low back, shoulders, core and quads after a day of boarding. Open your body with gentle lunges, forward bends and twists. Rest briefly in savasana and find relief from the typical soreness and fatigue that comes with boarding so you will be good to hit the slopes again tomorrow.
2 20 Stephanie Snyder
Strengthen your legs, fine-tune your balance reflex, and get your core online. Practice keeping your mind laser focused but also release into the flow to support you for a great season. A combo of floor, core and standing pose work that will not tax your body but awaken your innate intelligence for a great day on the mountain!
2 20 Stephanie Snyder
Enjoy a gentle unwind after a day on the mountain. Open up your chest, hips, quads, side body and lower back through poses that will help undo the tension that has accumulated from snowboarding. Use poses like downward dog, low lunge, happy baby and a twist to help facilitate your recovery. Accessible poses in a short period of time make this your "go to" post snowboard stretch session.
1-2 15 Stephanie Snyder

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