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Yoga for Fertility

Hatha Pre/Post Natal Restorative Yin

Yoga designed to help prepare the body and relieve stress for conception

Open your hips, mind, and heart to receive the gift of life. This sequence revolves around grounding, softening, and trusting in your capacities and your circumstances.
1-2 30 Elena Brower
For anyone seeking to manifest a result - whether a pregnancy, a project, a relationship or a job - this is a practice to slow you down, ground you, and open up the space for your project or baby to manifest. Through this sequence, you will stop resisting and start welcoming. Includes seated hip openers, forward bends, gentle backbend and savasana.
1 45 Elena Brower
A slightly more active sequence, with a focus on creating a foundation of serenity, for magnetizing a new life, a new project, or a new relationship. Based on chapter 2, verse 65 of the Bhagavad Gita, cultivate a base of calm and rest your mind there. Mellow standing poses to stimulate circulation throughout your abdomen, a seated hip opener, legs up the wall (viparita karani), meditation and savasana.
1 30 Elena Brower
Whether you are trying to conceive a child, a project, or a creative endeavor, this practice will help you embrace your identity, cultivate strength, be more receptive, and create consistency in your being. Manifesting this dream is seeing it as done. Standing poses, seated poses, one juicy headstand split, hip openers and a brief, potent meditation to unify your mind and your heart.
1-2 45 Elena Brower
A slow, grounding sequence focusing on opening up the hips to allow for a downward flow of energy and breath. This seqence also allows for the meditative mind space to invite in life energy and flow into the centers of creation.
1-2 45 Tara Judelle
Ease any stress and bring energy to your pelvic region. Nourish your body and help bring peace to your mind while holding poses like "mountain brook". This is a nice class to do with your partner if you both need a little TLC. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster and a blanket.
1-2 45 Carole Westerman
During the process of receiving fertility treatments, you can sometimes feel a lack of control and/or loss of connection with your body. A supportive practice helps to cultivate your mind-body connection, while also honoring your unique path to becoming pregnant. Each pose will be held for several minutes. Try using big pillows if you don't have bolsters. Props Needed: A block, a blanket and two bolsters.
1-2 20 Carole Westerman
A harmonizing class specifically designed for the luteal phase of your moon cycle, which is post ovulation to flow (approximately days 16-28 of your cycle). Focus on awakening your kidney and spleen energy lines. Hold dragon, swan, supta baddha konasana and dragonfly, each for several minutes at a time. Props Needed: A bolster, blanket and a block.
1-2 20 Carole Westerman
Honor your body and your own unique rhythms and allow your system to rest and reset. This pause and reconnection to your body allows you to process where you are today while preparing for your next cycle with a fresh perspective and attitude. Supported poses are held for several minutes at a time to allow you to rest and relax. Props Needed: A block, blanket and a bolster.
1-2 20 Carole Westerman

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