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Yoga for Climbers

Vinyasa Flow Hatha

Take your climbing to the next level with yoga classes designed specifically to help create flexibility in areas of the body critical to climbing while building strength to leverage this flexibility into progressive moment.

Rock climbing is an adventurous, adrenaline pounding, very challenging sport. As good as it is for the soul to be out in nature and for the mind to overcome fears and challenges, it can give the body a real beating. This practice will work on core strength and balance (essential components for climbing) and then release all of the tight spots climbers run into: forearms, wrists, shoulders, and hips. Practice yoga and 'climb on'. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a bolster.
1-2 30 Taylor Harkness
Climbing is a great way to stay strong. However, it also overworks your anterior body. Adding some balance with yoga will only add efficiency when setting a route. Expect shoulder stretches, wrist releases and hip openers, all designed to add a new edge to your climbing skills. Great to do both before and after your climbing workout. Props Needed: Two blocks.
1-2 15 Taylor Harkness
The more fluid you can move, the more efficient you are on rock. Movements like dead pointing and dynos draw from your body's fluidity. Having tightness in your pelvis can affect how you translate movement from your legs through to your hands. Learn to free up your hips with lunges, downward dog variations and bound angle pose so you can move more efficiently while climbing. A great compact class to make part of your conditioning.
1-2 10 Olivia Hsu
Your neck muscles tend to get tight while climbing and belaying. When you are constantly looking up, your head gets heavy and your neck then works really hard to support it. Practice a simple sequence of stretches designed to help free up your neck, upper trapezius and mid-thorax, giving you a new found freedom and ease.
1 5 Olivia Hsu
Classically, the smaller stabilizing muscles in your shoulders give up before the larger muscles such as the upper traps, lats and deltoids. Help strengthen these important smaller stabilizing muscles that keep the shoulder strong and healthy! Wake up your shoulder girdle with plank variations, moving through an active locust sequence. Quick hit for those smaller shoulder muscles that can get tired fast while climbing.
1-2 5 Olivia Hsu
When you're off the rock, get on your mat! Keep your body active during your time off of climbing with this cross training flow. Warm up with sun salutations A and B, moving into revolved triangle, side angle, navasana and bridge to promote active circulation in your whole body. Designed to keep your arms, legs and torso strong and encourage stability, power and health to your muscles and joints.
1-2 30 Olivia Hsu
Give your toes a little love! As a climber, you cram your feet into climbing shoes day in and day out. Keep those climbing toes happy with a sequence designed to stretch them out. Begin standing and bring awareness to your feet by grounding out your toes before moving on to a series of subtle, but effective, poses that feel oh-so-good to your toes. Props Suggested: A block.
1 5 Olivia Hsu
A mindful practice to build a baseline of flexibility and mobility for climbers. Work on increasing your flexibility and range of movement which will translate to the rock. Warm up with sun salutations and learn the basics of poses like triangle, side angle, butterfly and bridge that target the areas that generally get tight for climbers - shoulders, neck, hips, and legs. A great way to open up and bring more freedom to your climbing.
1 30 Olivia Hsu
The importance of the lower half of your body is often undervalued in climbing. Legs and hips often get tight during climbing and become less mobile. Increase flexibility and range of motion in your hips and hamstrings to access more power and efficiency when moving across the rock. Practice poses like half pigeon, lunges and ardha matsyendrasana to loosen up your hips and hamstrings, giving you more freedom for high stepping. Props Suggested: A towel, a pillow or a block.
1-2 15 Olivia Hsu
A mindful practice to help climbers counter the strain that climbing places on your neck. Designed to increase awareness in neck positioning while belaying, this class helps give your neck and scalenes a little love. A great way to keep your neck muscles functioning well for a lifetime of climbing. Props Needed: A strap or a belt.
1 5 Olivia Hsu
A good rest day, restorative class to help promote recovery and keep you limber for your next climbing session. Stretch out your shoulders, hips and torso as you move through simple and gentle sequencing that includes cat/cows, forward bends and supine twists. Conclude with savasana, resting here for as long as your body needs to.
1 10 Olivia Hsu
Expand your baseline flexibility and mobility in areas that tend to get tight for climbers - shoulders, neck, hips and legs. Work on improving your range of movement which will translate to the rock. Free yourself up and get more mobility in your shoulders with child's pose and puppy pose, moving on to a series of postures that include hip openers like malasana, marichyasana and side splits.
2 20 Olivia Hsu
This mindful practice helps you engage and stretch your arms and chest for better functional movement, building more durable shoulders. Work on broadening your collarbones and activating your shoulders with exercises that build greater range of motion and upper body awareness. Shoulder mobility and durability means more days at the crag! Props Needed: A strap.
1 5 Olivia Hsu
You are only as strong as your weakest link! Good body tension is critical for keeping your body tight on the rock and for climbing efficiency. Build strength with this sequence that uses abdominal exercises, sphinx and boat pose to get your core working. Designed to strengthen your core abs and obliques, which connect your arms to the legs, this is a great class to add to your climbing regime to help build more power.
1-2 5 Olivia Hsu
Here's a great practice for you to do after your hike to the crag, to help you perform your best. A series of standing forward folds and stretches for your quadriceps get your muscles reinvigorated post hike, and ready for your climbing session.
1 5 Olivia Hsu
A class to help you with more stability and mobility in your knees, so you can drop knee with more ease! Move through a series of seated postures like leg stretches and variations of hero's pose, that support improving your knee's range of motion.
1-2 5 Olivia Hsu
This mindful practice helps you engage in your legs and build awareness in your hamstring sit-bone connection. Hamstrings are often overlooked in conditioning, and this class helps you bring strength to those muscles, so you can heel hook with more ease. Sequencing includes forward folds, pulsing lunge exercises, lengthening leg stretches and bridge pose.
1-2 10 Olivia Hsu
Give your hands some attention with this quick class designed to bring relief to your overworked wrists, hands and forearms. Improve mobility in your wrists and fingers with exercises that also engage your upper body. Begin seated with poses that work your side body, then move into creative, fluid movements that stretch out and lengthen your hand's ligaments.
1 5 Olivia Hsu
Stretch out between climbs with this sequence that will give you the perfect amount of prep for your next sending burn when climbing. Work it with arm exercises and forearm stretches that help get that lactic acid moving out of your pumped arms. Sometimes stretching too much can cause muscles to not fire as well, but this class will help you stretch just the right amount for your send burn.
1 5 Olivia Hsu
Stretching out at the crag is an important part of a successful day of climbing. These quick and simple yoga moves will prep you for your adventurous day ahead. Begin by bringing heat into your hips with squat poses, building energy as you move into lunges, engaging your upper body with arm variations and activating your whole being with backbends. Walk away feeling warmed up and ready to climb! Props Suggested: A strap.
1 5 Taylor Harkness
When you're ready to take a rest day from climbing and conditioning, your body still wants to move. Gentle, restorative postures will help promote relaxation as well as help you stay limber for your next climbing session. Take a few minutes to move into child's pose, side body stretches, seated twists and supine postures like happy baby. Enjoy a short savasana, or relax into it longer, if time allows. Props Suggested: A strap.
1 10 Taylor Harkness
Maintain tip-top climbing shape with this cross training class! Designed to keep you strong and active when you take a break from the rocks, this sequence will get your whole body moving and engaged. More traditional postures will be practiced, with challenges offered to promote strength and flexibility. Flow includes utthita parsvakonasana, leg strengtheners, arm balances and backbends. Stay agile and well conditioned during your time off of climbing. Props Suggested: A block.
2 15 Taylor Harkness

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