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Yoga for Beginners

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New to yoga? These classes will help get you started so you can step confidently onto your mat

A quick, complete core practice designed for new students and teachers that work with new students. It contains accessible postures that will strengthen your abdominals, inner-legs and thighs. These postures help trim your midsection and lay the foundation for more challenging work in the future. The practice is also suitable for more experienced students that want a slightly lighter core practice. Props Needed: A block.
1 15 Jason Crandell
A gentle thirty minute class perfect for beginners, containing a variety of seated poses and forward bends like upavistha konasana and janu sirsasana. Explore a few hip openers (agnistambhasana) and twists to create more flexibility and space in your entire body. Ends with brief savasana. Optional Props: A blanket and a block.
1 30 Steven Espinosa
This video starts with some foundational postures that you will most likely use in every yoga class! We break down Standing pose/Mountain Pose (Tadasana), Forward bend (Uttanasana), Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) & Cobra Backbend (Bhujangasana).
1 20 Jo Tastula
This class helps newer students create a strong foundation of Sun Salutes and Standing poses. The goal is to build strength and awareness of proper alignment without fatiguing the upper body. Plenty of variations are offered if you're building strength or want to do minimal upper body work. You will need a strap and block.
1 30 Kathryn Budig
This is for the first time yogi or the yogi that wants to keep it uncomplicated. We will move through two classic sun salutes and then to a few standing poses to open the hips and spine. We will then move onto the floor for an accessible backbend, finishing with a supine hamstring opener and twist. I hope this practice is the first of many! Props recommended: Two blocks, strap or towel, and blanket.
1 30 Stephanie Snyder
A class designed for those newer to yoga or have been doing it awhile and have a limited range of motion. The aim of this class, if practiced often, is to make other more challenging level 1 classes more accessible. We do most of this practice against a wall. Props Needed: Blanket, wall space
1 30 Stephanie Snyder
In this class we learn the beginning stages of Parsvottanasana and Virabhadrasana I, standing poses in which the back leg is internally rotated. Props: 2 blocks
1 15 Marla Apt
Short standing pose sequence to move the legs, hips and lower back. In Utthita Trikonasana and Utthita Parsvakonasana we learn to extend the torso laterally over the legs and in the initial stages of Parsvottanasana and Prasarita Padottanasana we learn to extend the torso forward over the legs. This sequence is beneficial to begin stretching tight legs (especially hamstrings) and hips. Props: 2 blocks
1 20 Marla Apt
Designed for new students, and others that want to revisit the basics, this practice will stretch and strengthen your entire body. You will work on essentials such as downward-facing dog, cat/cow, and standing postures. This practice will leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in your body. Optional Props: Block, chair, blanket
1 30 Jason Crandell
This practice is perfect if you feel tight, stiff, are recovering from an injury or have limited range of motion. If you need a class to introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga without twisting you into a pretzel, this class is for you! Props Needed: Wall, Strap, 3 Blankets
1 45 Amy Ippoliti
This practice will involve an all-around spinal movement and strengthening that is gentle enough to do when you haven't done a lot of yoga but need a longer practice. This is a no strain class that will improve and increase circulation and strength. We will end with a guided resting pose. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster, a strap, a blanket and a chair.
1 60 Alex van Frank
You're new to yoga, but you still want to get your flow on! We hear you! All you need is a mat, an open mind and a sense of adventure and you're on your way. A class great for your first time but will grow with you too, so you can come back to it whenever you want to get in a quick and well-rounded practice. Full of hip openers, standing poses, spine strengtheners, variations on Sun Salutations, and a dash of core work. Props Suggested: A block.
1 30 Carole Westerman
This class is for those who are new to yoga and are looking for a practice that will build strength and flexibility over time. Learn the building blocks of the Ashtanga system and how to move in conjunction with the breath and gaze in a flowing sequence of postures with variations offered where appropriate. Postures are drawn from the Primary Series of Ashtanga. Props Needed: One block, a blanket and a strap.
1 30 Mary Taylor
A time efficient sequence designed to address each of the major meridian lines in your body. Sleeping swan, child's pose with a twist, sphynx and a belly down savasana are included. The result is a full body "tune-up and tune-in", leaving you feeling completely zenned out. Props Suggested: A blanket.
1 30 Carole Westerman
When your lower back is sensitive and feels vulnerable, sometimes a quick boost to get it back on track is all you need. This practice blends a few active and strengthening poses with more traditional restoratives geared specifically for your lower back. Props Needed: A bolster, a blanket and a hand towel.
1 10 Amy Ippoliti

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