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Yoga For a Great Attitude

Vinyasa Flow Hatha Meditation

A little attitude adjustment can go a long way in facing life's challenges. These yoga classes will help you make that shift.

Shift your attitude and perspective along with your hamstrings and hip flexors. Explore the potential for growth, length, space and change in your mind and lower body, all leading up to your peak pose of uttitha hasta padangustasana (standing hand to big toe) and vashistasana II (side plank II). Walk away feeling more joy in your mind and energy in your body so you can continue your day with a smile.
2 60 Kathryn Budig
Let this short journey through your body inspire a new level of self respect. Experience your practice as an opportunity to cultivate a positive attitude and visualize any upcoming big moment as successfully realized. Props Suggested: A block.
1-2 20 Elena Brower
Need an attitude adjustment? It goes with out saying that yoga itself, no matter what kind you do, helps with your attitude - but there are definitely some poses that are more mood enhancing than others. This all around practice includes a healthy does of heart opening and shoulder yumminess, backbends, hips and savasana. Props Suggested: A strap and a blanket. Optional Props: Strap, Blanket
1-2 60 Amy Ippoliti
The time you have on your yoga mat is special. So as much as possible try to make the most of it and be happy to be here! Begin with a gentle warm up on the floor, gradually building into a steady standing pose series including warrior II, extended side angle and half moon. Continue with hip and thigh stretches leading into backbends. Open your lower body to settle and calm your central nervous system.
1-2 60 Steven Espinosa
Explore the three A's of the Anusara series. In this class, practice the power of the first A (attitude) by cultivating a strong intention and contemplating the "why" behind your practice and your life. This is a strong class with standing poses and various arm balances, including bakasana, eka pada bakasana, eka hasta bhujasana transitioning into koundinyasana I. Play and discover the shift as you walk away feeling lighter and more connected and focused.
2-3 90 Marc Holzman
The subtle body is the energy field that permeates your physical body. It is the seat of your mind and your emotions, and its wellbeing is an important element in your experience of happiness. In this session, experience a simple meditation and breathing exercises designed to clear out the energetic junk that builds up in your subtle body. Session will include guided practice and discussion.
1 60 David Harshada Wagner
Inversions are a way to reframe and reposition yourself internally, to let go of judgments of yourself and others, and turn your entire perspective around. Preparatory poses, forearm stand, headstand, handstand, and some accessible variations, with a focus on lengthening your inner legs to stabilize your lower back. Gentle awareness of your brow/6th chakra to recognize patterns and move them through.
2 60 Elena Brower
One of the most amazing things about taking a yoga class is you can walk in feeling one way and walk out feeling entirely transformed in just an hour. An all around practice with vinyasas to build heat and strength between standing poses. Finish with backbends, a hip opener, twist and a brief savasana. Welcome to a healthy happy hour!
2 60 Steven Espinosa
Need an attitude adjustment? Hand-picked feel-good, energizing poses like crescents, twisty thigh stretches plus luxurious heart openers and amusing arm balances make up the sequence with breath and flow. You just need to show up! Props Needed: A block. Props Suggested: A blanket.
2 60 Amy Ippoliti

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