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What Is Yoga?

Beyond the Mat Meditation Hatha

Introduction to yoga and the foundational texts, stories and concepts.

The Celestial Song, the Bhagavadgita may well be the most important resource for understanding the development of Hindu-based yoga traditions. Foundational to the variety of traditions known as Vedanta and influential for nearly every other tradition, we introduce the text here to explain its importance and continuing relevance to the study of yoga.
1 60 Dr. Douglas Brooks
In this guided meditation, Harshada guides us through the 8 limbs of yoga described in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra.
2 30 David Harshada Wagner
Yoga practices provide us with tools to tap into our souls to experience our very essence, which is bliss. This accessible class provides a well balanced series of asanas that are food for the soul which have the potential to nourish and fill you up. Props Needed: A blanket, a block and a strap.
1 30 Giselle Mari
Karma is perhaps the single most important concept for understanding the common ground of yoga traditions. Almost without exception, karma is a foundational precept and critical to understanding the human condition and our prospects. We'll focus on the sources in which the concept of karma originates and explain the development of this crucial feature of yoga philosophies.
1 30 Dr. Douglas Brooks
The definition of yoga draws us directly into the diversity of traditions and interpretations. Rather than claim one normative definition, the yoga traditions broaden our understandings of what it means to practice "yoga" and root us in sources that invite a rich and complex visionary experience.
1 60 Dr. Douglas Brooks
The metaphysical foundations behind Patanjali's famous Yogasutra are critical for our appreciation of the work and the traditions that develop in the aftermath of the text. These claims and foundations of understanding are not addressed directly in the Yogasutra but are assumed and made part and parcel of the development yoga traditions in the works of every subsequent commentator. Here we look at these basic structures, assumptions, and claims of metaphysics that undergird the Yogasutra.
1 60 Dr. Douglas Brooks
In the final installment of our series on the 8 Limbs, Harshada takes us through these three classical steps of meditative absorption.
1 20 David Harshada Wagner
The third and fourth Limbs of Yoga bring us to a comfortable seat and begin to cultivate a conscious relationship with the breath.
1 20 David Harshada Wagner
The first of a five-part series of meditations exploring Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga. The yamas are the five ethical precepts aimed at helping us have ease in our life and clarity on our path.
1 30 David Harshada Wagner
The five niyamas are five essential attitiudes which help us to approach our spiritual practices and awakened life.
1 30 David Harshada Wagner
In the fifth limb of yoga, prathyahara, we pull our attention away from outer things and direct it inward, preparing for deep meditation.
1 15 David Harshada Wagner

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