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Unwind and Release Stress

Kundalini Hatha Vinyasa Flow Restorative

Stressed? Relax your body and calm your mind.

Your body is a map, which reveals the patterns and emotional tendencies that govern your life. Many of these patterns of thinking and feeling get coded into your muscles and joints. A balanced class of dynamic and still poses designed to release tension in your shoulders, lower back, hips and hamstrings. A particular focus on the breath will help you to unravel years of stress and tension. Reclaim your vitality, stand tall and walk with majesty. Props Suggested: One Block and One Blanket
2 90 Kia Miller
This class can be helpful in settling the emotions, feelings and tension of a rough day. The aim is to gently opening the body and settle the mind to a more confident and hopeful state. The class begins with a brief meditation and then work through poses that will help you feel hopeful, victorious and confident. Props Needed: A bolster and a blanket. Prop Suggested: A chair.
1 45 Alex van Frank
An on-the-spot sequence designed to root the uprooted in a short time. This sequence can be done anywhere to help soothe anxiety, stress, fear, and overwhelm. Two basic postures are presented along with work for the eyes, pranayama and a short meditation. Prop Needed: A block.
1-2 10 Marc Holzman
A quick tune up using breathing techniques to release stress and reset your mindset for the day. A nice calming technique that can be done during the day or at the end of the day. This one works well for sleep, especially if you have trouble turning your mind off at night, and is a great one to begin or end your asana practice. It is also a nice prelude to meditation. Prop Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
1-2 5 Tiffany Cruikshank
Enjoy a calming and relaxing class that begins with meditation and breath work. After working with your mind, transition into several seated and supine poses. Perfect to release stress at the end of your day! A great class for both beginners and more intermediate yogis who need a gentle and quick release any time of day.
1 15 Steven Espinosa
A feel good flow that aims to reduce stress and a busy mind from the ground up to leave you feeling more appreciative of what you have and what you've accomplished. Start your practice with yoga for your toes, a challenging fun flow, some hip openers, forward bends and a restorative savasana. Your body will feel complete, your mind calmed, and your heart full. Prop Needed: A blanket.
1-2 45 Amy Ippoliti
Your yoga practice can be like noise canceling headphones for your internal noise. Turn down the volume of your stress levels by amping up your practice in this full spectrum class. First build heat with strengthening standing series. Use this fire to help you fly with arm balancing play and open your front body with full wheel pose. Cool down with the rest of your practice and settle into a more quiet internal space.
2 60 Darren Rhodes
Through guided body scan you can enter into a state of deep relaxation while remaining awake, alert and fully in the moment. Take 20 minutes for yourself to completely de-stress from your day and experience the tension melt away! Props are optional, but you might like a blanket to cover yourself and something to put over your eyes.
1 20 Jo Tastula
A 30 minute tune up for your neck and shoulders. Focusing on this trouble spot as a way to release stress, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of computers or driving. Using the flow to build heat so you can in turn release stress and open up deeper, this class is a perfect aid for neck and shoulder tension. Enjoy and return anytime you feel tension or stagnation. Prop Suggested: A block.
2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank

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