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Spring Tune-Up

Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yin Kundalini

Shake off Winter, awaken your practice and open yourself to all the possibilities Spring brings your way.

Spring Detox: twist-centric practice geared towards making space and fullness in your emotional and physical body in order to enable you to release any doubt, fear or frustration from your world. Standing twists, hip openers, backbends, savasana and brief meditation
2 60 Elena Brower
Go back to the basics of form and alignment with this simple practice that touches on a variety of fundamental poses. Whether you are new to yoga or more seasoned and ready to polish up your basics, this one's for you. Have two blocks, a blanket and a wall.
1 60 Amy Ippoliti
A slow moving flow is here to help you celebrate your internal Spring time. Let this practice instigate a lovely sensation of rebirth. Through refreshing postures, flows that gradually build and blossom like a flower in to peak poses that challenge yet inspire. Creative sun salutations build on each other gradually getting longer and more fluid to create a dance like flow that opens your shoulders and hips. Your peak pose is bird of paradise.
2 30 Kathryn Budig
We all need a little awakening from time to time. What better time than Spring to be reminded of our possibilities? Wake up what has been dormant with thigh and hamstring openers, balancing poses and twists. Props Needed: A block, blanket and a strap.
2 60 Giselle Mari
According to Ayurveda (which yogis reference as a guide for the sick and healthy) this is the natural time for shedding the winter layer that can accumulate and create imbalance physically, mentally and emotionally. Re-calibrate and rejuvenate through a cleansing and inspiring sequence.
2 90 Stephanie Snyder
If you succumb to the habit of sitting in "slouchasana", you may experience congestion in your side body. Spring cleaning of your lymphatic vessels around your abdominal region, side body and upper chest supports well being and greater range of motion. Enjoy a cleansing yin-inspired stretch series with postures like lounge lizard and a seated side straddle, suitable for beginners as well as those who have practiced for years.
1 30 Felicia Tomasko
Like Spring, use the following kriya to bring in the energy of hope, new growth and positivity. Be positive, and attract new circumstances and opportunities into your life. Activate your pranic energy, raise your vibration and inhabit your heart center. Warm up with surya namaskara A and then get into some transformative kriyas. Enjoy a dynamic and sweet class and create alertness and a feeling of expanded energy.
2 75 Kia Miller
Your immune system can use some extra TLC in the Spring. Using the principles of Ayurveda, begin with a cobra-inspired sequence that incorporates twists and poses to awaken your upper chest and lung region to help cultivate and stimulate the nurturing intelligence inherent in your body. Use pranayama or breathing techniques combined with long holds as your internal weapon so you can protect and nourish in this transitional time of year. Props Suggested: A blanket.
1 30 Felicia Tomasko
Get into the spring spirit with a flow that will move you, gently wake your winter body out of its slump, and help you welcome the new warmth of the sun. Even if you live in a place without seasons, enjoy this practice to help get your creative juices flowing. A nice steady pace that is gentle on your body. Props Needed: A blanket and a strap.
1 20 Amy Ippoliti

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