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Respond to Difficult Situations with Ease

Hatha Meditation Vinyasa Flow

Difficult meeting or conversation ahead? These classes will prepare you to respond with grace and ease.

Moving from the inner body can give the feeling of ease, but it doesn't mean that we can't easefully work ourselves into more challenging postures. In this continuous flow we will pop into deep work of twists, arm balances and some backbends moving from the inner space but discovering that the vocabulary allows for deep inner space to harness more challenging postures.
2 60 Tara Judelle
This meditation is designed to help you to take a break and clear your mind before a presentation, important conversation, or anytime when you need to center yourself.
1 10 David Harshada Wagner
Once you develop a consistent flow of breath, you'll be challenged to sustain it with various standing balances and arm-balances. A continuous, rhythmic vinyasa, this practice will have you breathing smoothly and steadily from beginning to end. Challenge your body, nurture your breath, and settle your mind.
2-3 90 Jason Crandell
In this meditation, Harshada leads us into a dynamic belly-chakra meditation designed to prepare us to face challenges.
1 10 David Harshada Wagner
Brisk opening warm up leads into a strong Standing Pose Flow. Emphasis on a enjoying a challenging practice without pushing or forcing yourself from a "no pain, no gain" perspective. Continues with several variations in Dolphin Plank and Dolphin for abdominal core work. Also includes Arm Balance in Vasistasana. Follows with Hip, Thigh and Hamstring openers and concludes with Back Bends and Supine Spinal Twists.
1-2 60 Steven Espinosa
Spirit Warrior: A short and powerful meditation invoking fierce strength and preparing us to face challenges.
1 10 David Harshada Wagner
Sometimes we know we are heading into a hard day. This meditation gives the practitioner some deep preparation time to center and soften before they enter the fray.
1 20 David Harshada Wagner

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