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Regulate and Boost the Immune System

Meditation Hatha Ashtanga Kundalini Yin

Yoga can help strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to illness. These classes will help regulate and boost your immune system, keeping you strong, healthy and full of energy.

A great meditation for those moments when we are run-down, tired and feeling drained.
1 10 David Harshada Wagner
A brief overview of what it is and how it works AND some super easy and effective exercises that you can do ANYWHERE to help boost your immune system. Learn body tapping for skin stimulation, swinging arms kidney massage, lymphatic drainage sun salutations and positive thinking hip openers. I hope this class motivates you to a new level of health!
1-2 30 Jo Tastula
This is a traditional full primary series class where you learn about the many many ways that a yoga practice positively impacts your immune system. Focus is placed on discussions of how the postures affect your circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems.
2-3 90 Jodi Blumstein
When you are feeling down or depleted this is the practice for you! This meditation stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the right hemisphere of the brain to adjust, balance and help remove inner conflict. Think of it as advanced immune therapy! Use it to promote heath and wellness and combat any dis-ease of the body. Practice regularly for maximum benefits. Enjoy!
1-2 10 Kia Miller
Got stress? Got a cold? So stressed that you got a cold? This practice will treat you well if you are struggling with either or both. Designed to be practiced when you are feeling depleted, this practice is mellow, grounding, and soothing. It will patiently open your body, encourage circulation in your upper-extremities and allow you to move deliberately even when you are deeply fatigued. Use this practice to feel good. Props Needed: A blanket, a bolster and a strap. Props Suggested: Wall space.
1-2 30 Jason Crandell
A yin practice designed to support the functioning of your immune system and awaken the inner intelligence of your body. According to Ayurveda, the immune system serves as the body's intelligence, and this deep practice serves to awaken it. Focus on the circulation of your lymphatic system, an integral part of the immune system, through forward folds, twists, and supported backbends. Props Needed: A bolster and two blocks.
1 60 Felicia Tomasko
This energizing kriya focuses on the lymph glands, which are guardians of health. It is a wonderful tonic for your immune system. Class includes dancing, active arm movements, frog pose and a meditative ending. Let your funky side out! Props Suggested: A blanket.
2 60 Kia Miller
A quiet hourlong exploration of various postures to enhance your immune function. Address and approach the glands that control your hormones, which enhances organ function. Sometimes with specificity and more often with a simple reference and some much-needed healing silence, this practice offers a little science and lots of time for listening. Props Needed: One or two blankets.
2 60 Elena Brower
Gain an understanding of how your yoga practice and proper rest can help keep your immune system in balance. Featuring a strong, heat building standing pose flow, including warriors 1, 2 and half moon pose. Also includes multiple spinal twists to detoxify the internal organs. Concludes with hip and thigh openers and upper back bends. Connect to the importance of listening to the messages your body is sending to stay healthy during the winter season.
1-2 60 Steven Espinosa
This immune-strengthening class focuses on hip openers, twists and functional core strength. These long holds of deep expansive poses help you feel taller, release tension and flush out the lymphatic system for full-body immune-boosting, rest and restoration-promoting balance.
1-2 60 Felicia Tomasko
The adrenals become taxed during periods of stress, working long hours or during major life changes. Use yin postures to help regulate your adrenals with supported backbends and gentle folds using stillness as a form of therapy to feed you to your core. A short meditation at the end helps you bring the practice back into your life for lasting effects. Props Needed: Two blocks, a blanket, a strap and wall space.
2 60 Tiffany Cruikshank

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