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Reboot Your Brain

Hatha Vinyasa Flow Restorative Meditation Kundalini

Our world is so hectic that even the sharpest, most creative minds need generous periods of rest to refresh and reset

Start with a warm up including sun salutations followed by standing poses with emphasis on fluid breath with body movement. Work with shoulder/upper back alignment in cobra and end with bow pose, reclining hamstring stretch and savasana. When you calm your breath, you calm your mind and your body's central nervous system settles. This allows you to be at more peace within your heart.
1 60 Steven Espinosa
A great practice for mental clarity, this beginners flow focuses on twists. A quick detox and wringing out that will create some fire and balance. Props: 2 blocks
1-2 20 Stephanie Snyder
A sweaty intermediate flow for a complete overhaul of your body and mind. Includes plenty of standing poses, lunges and some handstand play. Get deep into your hips, throw in some inversions and backbends and end with pranayama to leave you in yoga bliss.
2 90 Tiffany Cruikshank
Cultivate deep relaxation within reclined breath awareness and pranayama practice. Designed to soothe your nervous system, quiet your mind and make your breathing more efficient. Become aware of your unconscious breathing patterns and learn to optimize your breath in a mindful way.
1 30 Jason Crandell
Once you develop a consistent flow of breath, you'll be challenged to sustain it with various standing balances and arm-balances. A continuous, rhythmic vinyasa, this practice will have you breathing smoothly and steadily from beginning to end. Challenge your body, nurture your breath, and settle your mind.
2-3 90 Jason Crandell
A deep, quieting, nurturing restorative practice designed to rest your body and soothe your mind. Props needed: Two blankets, a belt and a bolster
1 45 Jason Crandell
Get unstuck and make space for inspiration. A great meditation for artists, writers, or anyone working on a project that requires fresh perspectives.
1 20 David Harshada Wagner
A very mellow class that will restore and heal your body mind and spirit. Based on the work of Thomas Hanna, this movement takes place on the floor either on a blanket or carpet without a mat. Spend the entire time on your back. This is phenomenally beneficial work for all levels of practitioners and is accessible to most everyone.
1 30 Stephanie Snyder
A simple meditation to help balance the energies of your brain and allow your nervous system to rest, restore and rejuvenate. A great meditation for depression, exhaustion, and overwhelm.
1 15 David Harshada Wagner
This simple pranayama includes 4 different techniques and makes the perfect morning practice. Use it as a way to align your energy for the day.
1-2 20 Kia Miller
Use pranayama and a quick to the point flow to wake up and charge your body and mind for the next phase of your day.
1 10 Tara Judelle
In this seated meditation, enter the interior of your mind and heart through clear guidance, anatomical detail and beautiful imagery. Careful and loving guidance encourages a sublime connection to your subtle body. This meditative journey inspires a direct experience of true serenity. Props Needed: A bolster and a blanket.
1 10 Tias Little
A short and sweet sitting meditation practice with ujjayi and viloma 2 breath to shift your active or distracted mind into a calm, grounded peaceful state. Props Suggested: A bolster and a blanket.
1-2 15 Annie Carpenter
This beautiful, rhythmic mantra meditation with live music balances the left and right sides of your brain, it helps to enhance communication and your creative purpose. This will aid in your ability to excel in your creative endeavors and to communicate effectively with loved ones. The mantra is performed live by Jaya Laxshmi and Ananda. Prop Suggested: A blanket.
1-2 20 Kia Miller
This class focuses on helping you boost your productivity by reenergizing your mind and body throughout your workday. A few brisk active poses, one inversion, pranayama, a short meditation - and you are good to go! Can be performed multiple times throughout the day like an 'espresso shot'.
2 10 Marc Holzman
This powerful practice is done sitting down. A few warm-ups open the hips and spine and prepare for the kriya, which consists of a pranayama and meditation specifically designed to fight brain fatigue and refresh your mind, elevating you to a sublime state of connection and peace. This practice also benefits the liver, navel point, spleen and lymphatic system. Prop suggested: One blanket.
2-3 30 Kia Miller
This tantric approach to meditation practice will lead you through deepening stages of awareness: first you'll balance the brain, then drop into increasingly effortless levels of internal, dynamic attention and then culminate in total absorption. Accessible and recommended for all levels of meditators. Prop suggested: One blanket for sitting.
2 15 Rod Stryker
Breath is the greatest, most efficient way to positively impact your nervous system. You will be amazed how differently you feel after only ten minutes. Your body will be soothed, your mind stilled and you may experience higher intelligence. A practice and an experience that has something for everyone, whatever your level of experience. Props Needed: A folded blanket.
1-2 10 Rod Stryker
You've only got a short time to practice but you need it all, especially calming the chatter of the mind. Through intense lunges, twists, forward folds, inversions, heart openers, and core work, feel strong and stretched in your body, and rested in your mind. Finish off in child's pose to reset before continuing with the rest of your day. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
1-2 30 Chelsey Korus

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