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Open Your Heart

Yin Vinyasa Flow Meditation Hatha

Classes to help you open your heart to give and receive love in all facets of your life

What is extreme Yin? It's just Yin, pure and simple. Dive into the deep end and come face to face with what lies beneath your practice. Focus on your heart, chest, upper back, shoulders and neck. Using held poses to embrace your heart, unblock energy that may be stuck with tension. Tap into Ayurvedic theory on Kapha dosha characteristics, the dosha which governs your heart center. Props Suggested: A blanket and a block.
2 60 Felicia Tomasko
A heart-centered Yin practice that supports the energetic and physical space of your heart. Remove stagnation in your lungs and practice the art of relationship with the self. Explore the kapha dosha (the earth element in Ayurveda) and how it regulates your expression of love. Feel a sense of lightness and love with the use of simple backbends, heart openers and shoulder work. Props needed: A block and a blanket.
1 60 Felicia Tomasko
This heart opening and love inducing class leads us up to Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. We work on detailed leg and chest rotation and heat building poses such as headstand, headstand variation and shoulder openers with twists.
2-3 60 Kathryn Budig
Happy Valentine's Day! This flow celebrates all forms of love and our ability to express it with our truth openly. Huge heart opening poses are explored in a backbending version of Sun Salutation B. Chest openers are added to standing poses and our playful apex pose is a scorpion version of Shalambasana on blocks. Dig into a delicious slice of your heart, be love and give love!
2-3 60 Kathryn Budig
Enter the Heart. This meditation focuses on exploring the mystical heart center.
1-2 20 David Harshada Wagner
A sweaty vinyasa practice with lots of fun variations, including eka pada koundinyasana 2. A strong standing series warms your body up, with core strengthening sprinkled in. Urdhva dhanuransa and deep hip openers (double pigeon, pigeon, and sundial) enter at the end of your practice for a complete and challenging experience that is supported by the theme of love, moderation and humility.
2-3 90 Stephanie Snyder
This is an all around flow that will heat you up for sure. We move through sun salutes, standing series and prepare well for backbends. A straight up heart opening flow that I hope you love!
2-3 60 Stephanie Snyder
A practice for accessing the feeling and presence of love, acceptance, and tenderness both within yourself, and in the atmosphere around you.
1 10 Sally Kempton
Sally leads a meditation in which we activate the three main centers of the body, tuning into our own inner access to Awareness, Love, and Power - qualities that unite us to the Source.
1 30 Sally Kempton
Discuss the path of love, and also be guided through two meditations. In the first meditation, you will perform an exercise to strengthen your 'love muscle' by focusing on the feeling of intense love and meditating on it. In the second half, you will be guided through a soothing self-love meditation. Props Suggested: Blanket
2 45 David Harshada Wagner
Focus on the general health of your torso and spine- the heart and body's fountain of youth. Use gentle backbends with the support of your props to initiate opening and release. Focus less on perfect form and begin to grow your awareness of what feels good in your body. Improve your ability to love yourself now. Props Needed: A block and strap.
1 15 Alex van Frank
Gain access to your heart with a challenging practice to help ease and strengthen your wrists and shoulders. Engage in the depths of your breathing and return to your heart center with poses such as cat cow variations with flipped wrists, forearm stand and reverse namaste practice. Finish with breath of fire and a deep savasana meditation. Props Needed: Two blocks.
2-3 60 Elena Brower
Do this simple and powerful practice where you begin by calling to mind a moment of joy and allowing that feeling to infuse you. As you work with this practice, you discover that it is one of the surest methods for becoming present to the natural love that is your essence. Your meditation ends with the sound of the gong. Props Needed: Bolsters and blankets for sitting.
1-2 10 Sally Kempton

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