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New Mindful Mom

Meditation Pre/Post Natal Restorative

As a new mom, it's challenging to find time to nurture yourself as you nurture your little one. These classes will guide you through your post-birth months and give you space to breathe. You've got this!

Whether you feel on top of the world, exhausted or in a time of recovery, enter into a practice of deep rest and positive affirmation for the special time after your baby is born. Give yourself permission to take time and connect with your new reality. Know that this is a temporary state, so feel yourself embracing and honoring your body as a vessel and where you are today. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
1-2 15 David Harshada Wagner
Support the functionality of your shoulders and arms and counter balance the impact of nursing and carrying around your baby. Warm up includes sun salutation variations with twists and stretches at the wall. Cool down includes bridge and supported cobblers pose to finish. Props Needed: A blanket, block and wall space.
1-2 45 Jo Tastula
Maybe it has been a while since you had your baby, but you are still feeling "postnatal". Tune into your breath and body again through a series of floor poses and exercises targeted at awakening the pelvic floor and core. Props Suggested: A block.
1-2 20 Carole Westerman
A restorative practice supporting moms (and dads) on those days where caring for a new baby seems overwhelming. Brief meditation, reclined cobblers pose, twists, reclined legs up the wall. Finishing with body tapping and an energy sweep. Props Needed: A blanket and wall space.
1 15 Jo Tastula
You've been holding the baby for hours taking care of their every need. Now it's time to take care of you! A short practice that will allow you to come back to yourself, while offering the stretches and support you need on your breastfeeding journey. You are not alone in the challenges and fatigue you may be facing. Your time is precious, so find a strap and let's get started. Props Needed: A strap.
1-2 20 Carole Westerman
This post natal class is completely restorative. You will need a blanket, bolster - or couch cushion and a strap. This is a super chill class for you, you deserve it!
1 20 Stephanie Snyder
Get into sticky shoulders and tight lower back and hips in a short accessible flow. Cat/cow in half straddle, lunging quadriceps stretch, wide stance down-dog for tight hamstrings and single pigeon (if we have time!). Props Suggested: A strap and a blanket.
2 15 Jo Tastula
Sometimes births go exactly as you hope; other times they surprise you and leave you feeling like you failed in some way. This gentle class helps you reconnect to your body, trust yourself and make peace with the birth of your child. Props Suggested: A blanket.
1-2 20 Carole Westerman
Are you finding yourself up in the middle of the night? Do you have trouble going to sleep at night or falling back to sleep after getting up? A meditation that will help you turn your mind off, tune into your breath and inner wisdom and find your happy place. You can practice this meditation anywhere, even in your be
1 5 Carole Westerman
This is a postnatal class for the mama who is feeling strong and back into her practice. It is designed to help unwind, lengthen and free up your side body that can get very restricted from carrying baby on the hip. When the side body is open the benefits are huge. You will breathe better, stand taller and freer, and have access to deeper backbends and heart openers. This is one of my favorite sequences to practice.
2 45 Stephanie Snyder
This meditation is designed for parents or caregivers of infants and is meant to be practiced holding the baby or wearing the baby in a sling. Take this time for yourself and connect to the sweet energy of your infant. This meditation can also serve as a visualization for people who want to have a baby. Props needed: A blanket and a baby.
1 10 David Harshada Wagner
This postnatal class is an all around practice designed to help you re-tone and reclaim your body after pregnancy. We begin with gentle core strengthening and move into a short but strong legs and glutes flow. You will also open the chest and shoulder while toning the back body. This is a simple short and sweet class to help you as you begin to come back to yourself. You can do all or parts of this class and feel good. BE gentle with yourself, kind with your thoughts and dont worry, it all comes back in time.
1-2 30 Stephanie Snyder
This class offers a very gentle and natural way for women post-birth to begin to connect and strengthen their abdominal core and pelvic floor. Breathing exercises in seated position and chair pose. Prop Suggested: A Blanket to sit on.
1-2 10 Jo Tastula
A fantastic little 'While the baby naps' class focused on bringing you back to your centre line physically and mentally. Zip back up the rectus abdominals and open your chest to release tension from the shoulders and neck from carrying and feeding. Make the most of the moment!
1-2 20 Claire Missingham
A postnatal flow that focuses on gentle core work, some big dynamic shoulder and heart openers combined with some subtle and restorative shoulder and heart openers. Pretty sweet for the new mom who has an established at home yoga practice. Props Needed: A blanket, block and a strap.
2 45 Stephanie Snyder
This postnatal class is appropriate for your first attempt back into your core. I know it seems like your old belly will never return, but it can and it will! Practice patiently and diligently and feel a new strength return. Use supine poses with the assistant of a block to engage all abdominal muscle groups. Props Suggested: A blanket and a block.
1 10 Stephanie Snyder
This post natal class is designed to re-calibrate the body as it reacts to motherhood. We will open shoulders, heart, and hamstrings and strengthen legs and belly. End with a wonderfully nurturing back release and twist. YUM.
2 60 Stephanie Snyder
Whether you are still carrying baby on the inside or you have met your little love in person, your shoulders and chest might feel tired, tight and overworked. Get some relief! A quick fix that you can use regularly to keep your heart open and your shoulders free.
1 5 Stephanie Snyder

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