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Moon Cycle Relief

Hatha Vinyasa Flow Restorative Kundalini Meditation

Balance your hormones, banish discomfort and reset during your moon cycle

For the week or so prior to your cycle, with a focus on awareness and mastery of your hormonal fluctuations, bringing attention to the spaciousness possible in your mind and body. A few standing poses, downdog (both with and without support), seated hip opener, supported bridge, brief sitting meditation and savasana. Nurture and heal yourself to bring ease to this time, month after month. Props: 2 blankets, 2 blocks, bolster
2 30 Elena Brower
30 minute practice for the time of your cycle; including optional breathing practice, supine poses, two standing poses and supported poses. Excellent for relaxing muscles and nerves, for easing pain and inflammation in your joints, and creating space between and amidst your often disturbing parade of thoughts. This practice will make you feel closer to yourself, which is important at this time.
1-2 30 Elena Brower
According to Geeta Iyengar, the world's authority on women's practices, as soon as your cycle ends, it's very healing to begin with inversions right away, to tone and strengthen your reproductive system. This practice includes legs up the wall, headstand, downdog, lunge jumps, forearm stand, forward bend, abdominal strengthening, full wheel and savasana; a complete practice in just 20 minutes.
2 20 Elena Brower
Conquer 'that time of month' with this restorative sequence designed to help sooth uncomfortable sensations that you may feel during your cycle. Also practice poses that assist your emotional outlook, elevating your mood due to PMS and not feeling your best.
1 20 Kathryn Budig
P.M.S and times of stress can be so overwhelming that you feel stuck and closed in. This meditation and light meditative flow focuses on creating space in your body and mind while moving stuck emotional energy. Simple sun salutations (surya namaskara) and light hip openers get things flowing. Practice finishes with bridge and spinal twist. No savasana so please make time if you'd like it. Props Suggested: A blanket and a bolster.
1-2 30 Jo Tastula
Ashtanga yoga is meant to be practiced consistently - 6 days a week. It is traditional to take the 2 moon days off each month as well, and for women the first days of their menstrual cycle. During these rest days its nice to do a restorative practice. This one is designed to leave you feeling re-energized and your hips and back open. You need many props for this - but not all are absolutely necessary Props Needed: A blanket, a strap, two to three blocks, and a chair or back-bending whale bench.
1 90 Jodi Blumstein
Women, are you PMS'ing or on your cycle? Get your moon glo on, nourish yourself, honor yourself, get a more positive outlook, and soothe your lower body through femur rooting hip openers, seated poses, gentle belly massaging back bends and restoratives. Props Needed: Two bolsters (or blankets stacked as an alternative), two blankets and a strap.
1-2 60 Amy Ippoliti
Ever feel hormonal, bloated or suffering from PMS? Fear not, you're not alone and yoga is here to make you feel like you again. This sequence is designed to ease you through your moon cycle and leave you refreshed and closer to your normal self. Enjoy, breath and re-boot. Props Needed: A bolster, a block, a strap and one to two blankets.
1-2 30 Kathryn Budig
This series releases tension in the ovaries and enhances circulation to the pelvic region. It helps balance sexual energy. Practice when you need relief from the effects of pre-menstrual tension. Come home to yourself. Balance your endocrine system and feel better! Props Needed: 2 blankets and 2 blocks.
1-2 45 Kia Miller
This breath meditaiton helps to regulate your menstual cycle. On a physical level your pituitary and pineal gland are stimulated and brought into rhythm, and on a mental level this meditation helps to release negative thoughts. This is a wonderful daily meditation. Start at 3 mins, add a minute a day until you are at 7 mins - stay at 7 mins for a week, then add a minute a day until you are at 31 mins. Either way, try it and see how you feel afterwards! Props Suggested: A blanket and two blocks.
1 10 Kia Miller
Shortened Sequence For Women on Their Cycle - Ashtanga yoga practitioners work hard and practice six days a week, except for the new and full moon days. It is highly recommended that you take off at least the first two days of your menstrual cycle. This traditional class for women has been shortened and will leave you feeling more open and invigorated. Find three blankets or one bolster, blocks and a strap before relaxing into this soothing moon sequence.
1 30 Jodi Blumstein
Move into stillness with this delicious flow class for your cycle. Release tension, open up your hips and feel whole and ready to be present and steady during this time. Props Needed: A blanket.
2 45 Elena Brower
A lunar (chandra) practice that balances your emotions and changes in esoteric energy that can often happen on moon cycle days. Accesses your whole body through creative, moving asana and rhythm of breath. Props Needed: A blanket.
2 45 Claire Missingham
This short practice will help to promote balance in your digestive system and menstrual cycle. 6 simple poses taken dynamically with breath followed by a breath meditation. All levels can benefit from the cooling and balancing effects of this practice. Props Needed: A blanket.
1 20 Kia Miller

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