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Master Inversions and Arm Balances

Vinyasa Flow Ashtanga Hatha

Build confidence in arm balances with these tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions for getting into and out of those poses that often intimidate.

This practice is geared towards anyone looking to improve your arm balances, specifically bakasana (crow pose). Build strength in your core, shoulders and upper back as you learn to safely access this foundational arm balance. Using two blocks and a blanket, find your wings in various ways and begin to fly like a crow. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket.
2 10 Dice Iida-Klein
This is a short tutorial explaining the different basic headstands in sirsasana A and B. Begin with stretching your shoulders, neck and upper back prior to entering the poses. A thorough breakdown of the hand positions is covered. Get on your head and invert yogis! Learn how to keep your neck and spine safe as you go upside down. Head to the wall if you need extra support. Props Suggested: Wall space.
2 20 Dice Iida-Klein
This class explores the optimal positioning and action used in shoulderstands, plough poses and the closely related jalandhara bandha. Move methodically and with care so your spine and neck remain safe and in good alignment. Props Suggested: Two blankets and a strap.
2 45 Richard Freeman
If you have been working headstand for a while, and feel comfortable and steady enough to lift your legs, these are a few variations to try out to test strength and stability in the pose. Access a few poses to warm up your body before tilting upside down in the middle of your room or at a wall if that is available and needed. Suggested Props: Wall space.
2 15 Claire Missingham
Using special training postures and alternatives, you will construct a delightful way of making these difficult and subtle postures feel wonderful and contemplative. The emphasis will be on internal channels revealed through palate and perineum. Go upside down without sacrificing safety or comfort. Props Suggested: A blanket for shoulderstand and wall space for headstand.
2 90 Richard Freeman
It's a bakasana party! This quick tutorial is geared towards those wanting to learn more about crow pose and all the potential that surrounds it. Begin by learn crow pose from a block, the ground and how to jump out of and into the pose. Also review a cute and fun baby bakasana version. Fire up your core, inner thighs and shoulders. Happy flying! Props Needed: A strap and a block.
2 20 Kathryn Budig
Balancing in handstand in the middle of the room is a right of passage that requires patience, practice, and courage. This tutorial will give you some important hints to make your asana aspiration of balancing in the middle of the room a reality. Practice this class at a wall if you want a little support. Prop Suggested: Wall space.
2-3 10 Darren Rhodes
This tutorial is all about neutral and square hips in your one-legged kickups into handstand. Having your hips move at the same rate is the emphasis here. Using downdog, find a nice way to "feel" what it's like to find neutral hips while moving into handstand with your legs apart. If you aren't quite ready for middle of the room inversions, take this class to the wall for support. Props Suggested: Wall space.
2-3 15 Dice Iida-Klein
This tutorial will help you jump into crow and side crow, as well as jump back to chaturanga from crow and side crow. Acheiving a 'floating' feeling is tough to find, but using a blanket, make these transitions easier, more attainable and not scary at all! Find your strength and confidence to fly. Props Needed: A blanket.
2 15 Dice Iida-Klein
This is a tutorial on the shoulder mechanics for any weight bearing postures, although most specifically for inversions and arm balances. You will quickly dissect the anatomy of your shoulders and how to position your shoulders when you are on your hands. Access these posture families with a new sense of safety and confidence. Disclaimer: The information contained on YogaGlo's website is of a general nature and cannot be a substitute for the advice of a medical professional. We urge you to consult with a physician or other health care professional before engaging in any physical activity, regimen, routine, program or exercise that may be presented in these materials. YogaGlo does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine.
1 10 Tiffany Cruikshank
Designed to help you get into handstand with no props. The main obstacles to lifting and balancing in this pose are tight hamstrings and a loosy goosy core. Open your hamstrings and charge your core up while investigating the energetic alignment of your core architecture, giving you the best chance of lifting up and balancing in this pose. Good luck and come back to this practice over and over. Eventually the pose will come through!
2 45 Stephanie Snyder
A short class that is meant to be used repetitively to build strength for inversion prep. You can use this class on it's one or use it before or after another class. There is no warm up or cool down, just the important stuff for building strength over time. If you're using it on its own start with some sun salutations and cool down after as you like and end with a brief savasana. You'll be ready to rock your inversions in no time! Props Needed: A block and a strap.
2 20 Tiffany Cruikshank
If you are searching for more ease and grace as you enter handstands and inversions, then this is your class! This rigorous and challenging class will give you the building blocks you need to improve your pressing technique. Props Needed: Two blocks and wall space.
2-3 30 Claudine Lafond

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