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Live a Life of Joy

Vinyasa Flow Hatha Meditation

Tap into your innate ability to find joy in any moment and spread it far and wide

What does it take to be more loving to yourself on the mat so there is genuine joy when ever you come to practice? Starting with alternate nostril breathing (nadi sodhana pranayama), connect to your breath within the breath. Get into your quadriceps and hip flexors with surya namaskar c, lots of deep lunges and dancer (natarajasana). There are a few arm balances and jumping into handstand. Let this invigorating class inspire you!
2-3 90 Jo Tastula
A heart opening class that focuses on being in the moment to remember the joy of your life. Begin with a fluid and restorative shoulder opener that trains your upper back to support your heart. Core work starts to spark your inner flame. Creative and fast sun salutes enliven the whole body in preparation for dhanurasana (bow pose) and urdhva dhanurasana (upward facing bow pose). Unwind with a side bend, twist and deep hip opening.
2 90 Stephanie Snyder
Brisk opening warm up leads into a strong Standing Pose Flow. Emphasis on a enjoying a challenging practice without pushing or forcing yourself from a "no pain, no gain" perspective. Continues with several variations in Dolphin Plank and Dolphin for abdominal core work. Also includes Arm Balance in Vasistasana. Follows with Hip, Thigh and Hamstring openers and concludes with Back Bends and Supine Spinal Twists.
1-2 60 Steven Espinosa
The Thighs Have It! This strong, deep, flow class focuses on opening the quadriceps. We take a short break for several minutes to continue with wall work to plunge into deeper thigh openers and Urdhva Dhanurasana. Required: 1 block, wall space
2 60 Marc Holzman
Mudita ~ Sympathetic Joy. We now come now to Mudita. As our peak pose is full Vashistasana (with leg lifted) to Wild Thing, this class incorporates a fair amount of dynamic, flowing hip openers, hamstring openers with an eka pada koundinyasana #2 thrown in for good measure. The flow is fairly continuous, but the pace is slow and intense. The pay-off for the sweat is a long savasana and short meditation. Props: one strap.
2 90 Marc Holzman
In this powerful and transformative practice of giving and receiving, we breath compassion, joy, love into the world, then receive compassion joy, and love from the world. This meditation can completely open the heart.
1-2 20 Sally Kempton
Bhakti is ultimate devotion and we love what we are devoted to with all our hearts. We explore this theme through chanting, meditation and a juicy vinyasa flow. We then explore asanas that require binding as well as twists to stimulate the circuitry of the heart so that we may experience innate joy, harmony and inner peace. Arm balances, backbends, and inversions complete this class. When we are bound by love and move from that place, we have touched our own divinity. Props Needed: A blanket, a block and a strap.
2-3 90 Giselle Mari
A bold, efficient and deep back-bend practice. We focus on creating greater freedom for front body, chest, legs and inhalation in order to expand the heart and open the mind. Class culminates with absorption into the inherent qualities of the heart's infinite joy and light.
2 60 Rod Stryker
According to Tantra, the ultimate aim of Yoga is to awaken our inner fire - what the tradition calls: Kundalini Shakti. This "fire" is the boundless force of spirit that dwells within each of us, that contains all of your worldly and spiritual power and potential. Brighten your sacred "fire" and lead youself toward more joy, love, capacity and freedom. Includes asana and pranayama practices. Props Suggested: A blanket.
2-3 90 Rod Stryker

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