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Helpful Classes for Every Surfer

Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Looking to hit the waves with as much endurance, focus and strength as possible? These yoga classes will help you improve focus, strength, flexibility, breath and balance ? on the waves and off.

A short sequence perfect for post surfing tension to open up the upper back, shoulders, neck, psoas and hamstrings. Work on balancing your muscles for fluidity and strength in and out of the water. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket.
1-2 20 Tara Judelle
A short sequence for surfers to open up the shoulders, upper back, hamstrings and hip flexors before or after riding the waves. Move through dynamic two knee twists to strengthen your core and work gentle twists to stretch your intercostal muscles. Touch upon every main group of muscles that you will use for surfing. Props Needed: Two blocks, a blanket and a strap.
1 20 Tara Judelle
Focused on opening your shoulders, neck and upper-back, this practice is ideal for pre and post surfing sessions. A mellow, yet deep practice that is designed to wring out tension in your lower-back with accessible forward bends and twists. If you know that paddling for hours leaves your lower-back and upper-body worked, this practice is for you.
1 20 Jason Crandell
A quick well-rounded flow for swimmers or surfers looking at the entire shoulder girdle as well as the hip flexors and rotators. A great post swim/surf flow or can be used on it's own.
2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank
A quick pre-surf active stretch class to get the blood flowing and prepare the body to hit the waves.
1-2 15 Tiffany Cruikshank
A 30 minute post-surf recovery class targeting your hips, spine and shoulders to release built up tension from paddling, pushing up and hanging ten. Props Suggested: A block and a strap.
1-2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank
Whether you want to get in surfing shape or maintain it. A short practice that will focus on activating and integrating balance, strength, flexibility, and fluidity as well as all the muscle groups you need when surfing. Strengthen and stretch the low back, shoulders and legs to get you ready to hit the waves.
2 20 Rod Stryker

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