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Handpicked Classes for Runners

Vinyasa Flow Yin Hatha

From tight hip flexors and hamstrings to achy knees and low back pain, running can take a toll on the body. These yoga classes are a perfect complement to your training, as they will help cultivate freedom, balance and flexibility in your body so you can stay injury-free and running for years to come.

A class for runners post exercise to stretch and lengthen your hamstrings, hips and inner thighs. Create balanced muscles through this curated sequence. Includes poses like uttanasana, prasarita padoadottanasa, pigeon, runners stretch, and janu sirsasana. Take a moment here to breath open your body and reflect on the strength and stamina you have as you run. A great practice to do in preparation for a run as well.
1 30 Tara Judelle
A flow aimed specifically at runners with a focus on your hips and legs. Designed to be a good cross training routine for low intensity training days or rest days.
2 45 Tiffany Cruikshank
Just ran a marathon or feel like you did? This hip and hamstring practice that uses two blocks is entirely done on the floor, mostly on the back, without our usual forward folds and twists. Cultivate stability in your low back and hips with this practice that is cross-training not only for runners, but for the rest of the us. Props Needed: Two blocks.
1 60 Felicia Tomasko
Notorious and misunderstood, the IT band is one of the most frequently requested topics from my students. This practice focuses on relieving tension in the illio-tibial band by stretching the IT band and the primary muscles that put tension on IT bands; the outer-hips and quadriceps. You'll also learn about your IT's form and function and put the region in perspective. Props Needed: A strap. Props Suggested: A block.
2 60 Jason Crandell
Most asana practices include an abundance of hamstring stretching and very little hamstring strengthening. Conversely, most practices do several postures that strengthen the quadriceps and few that stretch the quadriceps. This sequence flips these roles by emphasizing postures that strengthen the hamstrings and stretch the quadriceps. In addition to benefiting regular asana practitioners, this class will be particularly helpful to runners.
1-2 30 Jason Crandell
A 15 minute sequence for flexibility, especially of your hamstrings. Includes head to knee pose (janu sirsasana), seated wide angled pose (upavista konasana), seated twist (ardha mastyendrasana), runners stretch/splits (hanamanasana).
1-2 15 Tara Judelle
Specific standing poses and hip openers - and one delicious backbend - to root your thighs back into their sockets and open your quads and hamstrings efficiently, thereby easing your lower backs. Superb for runners, hikers, swimmers, cyclists, and elliptical enthusiasts. Practice matching the intensity of any perceived boundary in your postures or in your lives with some more softness, more respect and more attention.
2 60 Elena Brower
Your go to off season conditioning class for runners. Focus more on strength training the lower body for your low season. A nice balance of movement, strength building, core work and flexibility as you wind down with some nice work for your hamstrings and hips. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a strap.
2 20 Tiffany Cruikshank
A simple and quick barefoot practice is helpful for post run recovery to encourage mobility and flexibility around your toes and feet after pounding the pavement or running along trails. Enjoy the suppleness of your feet. Props Needed: A block.
1-2 5 Felicia Tomasko
If you're cramping post run, it's important to hydrate, cool down and stretch. Grab your coconut water and let's get to it. Common cramp areas, the hamstrings, quads, side ribs and calves will get some solid lovin' in this slow moving practice. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap
1 30 Taylor Harkness
Help relieve those pesky cramps that tend to get underneath your ribs when running. Practice deep breathing while doing a quick series of lateral side bends. Move through a brief warm up before moving into a targeted but gentle flow. Take these moves with you on your next jog. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
1 15 Taylor Harkness
A good pre or post stretch for a beginner and/or bigger runner/walker. All of these poses can be done out in the wild. Focus will be on protecting your knees and stretching. Props Needed: A towel and a chair.
1 10 Alex van Frank
Use long holds of a few directed yin techniques to address the tightening of your IT band and outer thighs - one of the side effects of runner's training. Reverse these patterns of tension with hip and outer thigh stretches that can encourage greater gains in stride length and ease while running. Props Needed: A strap.
2 20 Felicia Tomasko

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