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Get Grounded

Vinyasa Flow Hatha Meditation Restorative

Feeling unsure, indecisive and unsteady? These classes will help you anchor the mind, reconnect to balance, and bring focus to your heart and mind.

Traditional standing poses focused on building strength and stability in your hips will be followed up by a series of lovely hip openers on the floor. The intention woven through the class is stability, strength and how to feel grounded. Expect to sweat and elevate your heart rate, with plenty of time to cool down and drop into the space you created in your body. Prop Needed: A block.
2 90 Kathryn Budig
A complete and grounding stretch session, great if you've worked out, arrived from road or air travel, or just need a little rebalancing and grounding. Practice simple seated stretches, some standing postures and supine poses to release and restore your muscles and respiration. Walk away feeling more connected and calm. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
1-2 30 Elena Brower
With no standing postures and only one downdog, this Hatha based class will weave through seated postures to open your hips, hamstrings and low back. Explore the grounding elements of these poses through your roots. Feel more free in your hips and more peaceful in your mind, and all in 20 minutes! A great practice if you are looking to feel more rejuvenated or well rested.
1-2 20 Dice Iida-Klein
A grounding class with timed holds to create clarity. This class starts with some pranayama work to take you into a more meditative practice to anchor your mind. Do some more intense timed standing holds and then take it into some timed held yin poses. This class is great if you want to build strength and balance it with some yin type opening or if you want more of the grounding practice when you need a little clarity.
2 90 Tiffany Cruikshank
Deeply soothing, grounding, and centering, this unhurried practice will unwind your hips and calm your mind. The vast majority of the practice stays low to the ground, featuring more than enough seated hip-openers, forward bends and twists. The practice will also help you release tension from your abdomen and pelvic floor.
2 60 Jason Crandell
This meditation begins as a guided practice incorporating a combination of breath, awareness, and visualization to connect you to the battery pack of the earth. Do this so you can draw up prana, energy, or life-force from the earth in order to become rejuvenated, revitalized, and restored. A great practice to use anytime you are experiencing times of stress, overwhelm or if you feel out of focus. Get comfortable and get grounded.
1 10 Felicia Tomasko
Got stress? Got a cold? So stressed that you got a cold? This practice will treat you well if you are struggling with either or both. Designed to be practiced when you are feeling depleted, this practice is mellow, grounding, and soothing. It will patiently open your body, encourage circulation in your upper-extremities and allow you to move deliberately even when you are deeply fatigued. Use this practice to feel good. Props Needed: A blanket, a bolster and a strap. Props Suggested: Wall space.
1-2 30 Jason Crandell
When life turns you upside down this practice will put you back on track. This is a grounding practice to keep you focused in your life. We'll use some timed holds to build endurance physically and to work deeper into the mental practice and through in some timed inversions throughout. This is the perfect practice for the times in your life when you feel unsure, indecisive, unsteady, unable to focus, lacking direction, difficulty sleep due to a restless mind or just generally unable to quiet your mind. This practice is sure to put you right where you need to be.
2-3 90 Tiffany Cruikshank
This restorative class uses a block to encourage stabilization in the low back. All too often in life we may feel unsupported, spacey, floating, or out of sorts. From the perspective of Ayurveda, these feelings are indicative of overactivity or imbalance of the vata dosha, the energy of air and space. The antidote is to get grounded, find our support on the earth, and breathe in such a way that it calms the whirling energy of the nervous system. Most of this practice is spent supine, on the earth, with repetitive motions that help us feel stable, supported and connected. The region of the pelvis and low back is the home or seat of the vata dosha, so attention here also supports a sense of calm. It is also the connection to the first chakra, the root, so again, attention here supports us. Fall into a trance here with a simple savasana.
1 60 Felicia Tomasko

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