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Free Your Hips

Hatha Yin Vinyasa Flow

Tight hips are a natural outcome of doing your favorite sport, release them for greater mobility and to reduce the risk of injury

Prepare to ride your bike with more freedom in this quick practice designed to open the hips and psoas, clearing away tightness and discomfort. A great practice too if you sit a lot throughout your day and experience tightness in this part of your body. Create more space and feel more ease between your upper and lower body. Props Needed: 2 blocks.
1 20 Kia Miller
Quick hips and hammies is what this 15 minute practice is all about. Using standing forward folds, variations of lunges and lizard poses, open up the backs of your legs and the front, side and back of your hips. Use these poses to help loosen up your front and back body. Props Suggested: 2 blocks.
2 15 Dice Iida-Klein
Take the hurt out of Hatha when it comes to your hip flexors. Learn how to avoid over stretching or straining your hip flexors in various poses with this tutorial style class. A great practice in order to prepare your body for deeper hip opening poses and classes.
1-2 10 Darren Rhodes
A short but sweet yin class focusing on progressively deeper postures for your outer hips. A great option if you have sensitivity in your hips, II bands, knees and low back. Get grounded as you breath space into your body. Props Needed: Wall space, 1 block and 2 blankets.
1-2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank
Our legs hold us up all day long so it's time to give them some love! This sequence is safe for everyday use for either maintenance or helping in flexibility. props: blanket and optional strap
1-2 20 Kathryn Budig
If you only have 15 minutes and you want to get your hamstring and hip stretch on, this is the practice for you! Using only seated and supine postures, we open up using sukhasana, upavistha konasana and a few others. A great practice as an addition to a leg focused work out or after a long day standing on your feet. Props Suggested: 2 blocks.
2 15 Dice Iida-Klein
This sequence is designed for the athlete (or anyone) who has tight hip flexors, quads, and hamstrings. Activities like running, hiking, cycling can all shorten these muscle groups in a way that can inhibit your athletic performance and cause aches and pains in the low back and knees. We will move through a flowing vinyasa class that will help cultivate freedom and flexibility in your lower body.
2 30 Stephanie Snyder
Do you have tight hip flexers? This tutorial will give you the key alignment instructions you can use for many poses that bother your hip flexers to help strengthen, not strain, them.
1 10 Darren Rhodes
This 30:1 practice is all about our emotional center...the HIPS! Focusing on opening the front, side and back of our hips, we use anjaneyasana, warrior 2, parsvakonasana, pigeon prep, variations of table top, ardha matsyandrasana and a gomukhasana variation to accomplish our journey into clarity. Enjoy my fellow yogis and smile :)
2 30 Dice Iida-Klein
This creative steady flow will take you on a hip and hamstring opening adventure. How to open up? Tone and strengthen the hips and quads first followed by juicy stretches. Short on time but still want the feeling of the yoga buzz? Look no further. You have arrived. Props needed: A Blanket. Optional props: Strap, Two Blocks
1-2 30 Amy Ippoliti
Take this class to open your hips and hamstrings; this sequence will serve to revitalize your day and bring you into restful sleep at night. Open your hamstrings, align your hips and flush your body clean with your practice. Prop Needed: A blanket.
1-2 15 Elena Brower
The outer hips and hamstrings are strong muscles that often require additional attention. This practice provides a balanced, effective way to release tension in these muscle groups. For those of you that struggle with these regions, this sequence will provide you with a regular supplement to return to time and time again. Challenge yourself to repeat it a few times each week for a month or two and see what a difference 20 minutes can make. Prop Needed: A strap. Prop Suggested: A block.
2 20 Jason Crandell
This quick tune up for your hips will explore strength of the inner and out hip to help stabilize the joint. A great refresher for the low back as well. Props Needed: One block, one strap and wall space.
1-2 20 Tiffany Cruikshank
Open your lower half in this hip and hamstring flow. Edge out any resistance in a way that is fluid and non aggressive. Props Suggested: A block and a blanket.
2-3 30 Stephanie Snyder
Understand and feel into the form and mechanics of your hip joints and move within the parameters of your own physical landscape. Insure stability and strength as you work to increase your flexibility. A methodical approach to "opening the hips" can allow freedom to safely experiment and hone in on the most beneficial actions for your own unique circumstance.
2 90 Mary Taylor
Create more mobility and circulation in your hips. You'll focus on accessible, impactful postures that open your outer hips and inner-groins. Compliment other hip-opening sequences by focusing on simple, natural, fluid motions rather an long held stretches. Includes lunges, standing poses and seated postures.
1-2 20 Jason Crandell

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