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Explore the Mind/Body Connection of Chakras

Vinyasa Flow Meditation Hatha Kundalini

What are the chakras, where are they located and how can accessing them enhance your practice?

Chakra number 4 is all about love and being loved. Love is the subtle force that connects us all; we are all here on the planet to learn how to love and love fully. Use this sequence of standing poses, arm balance variations, baby and big backbends, hip openers and meditation to give and receive love by asking for entry into your own heart.
2 90 Elena Brower
The second chakra, known as the svadisthana (navel) chakra in sanskrit. Located above your pelvic bone and below your navel, tt is the place associated with creativity, compassion and freedom. Clarify your foundational alignment and open the flow of your light through this sequence of cleansing twists, both standing and seated, with breath work and meditation to close.
2 60 Elena Brower
Chakras. This class is one of a 2 part class focusing on the chakras. This first part concentrates on introducing and opening up the first four energy centers from the lowest to the highest. Includes, deep hip openers, forward bends, standing poses, to build fire, backbends and pranayama.
2 90 Tara Judelle
Chakras (Part 2). This class focuses on the upper three chakras. Includes shoulderstand, headstand, mantra repetition and meditation.
2 90 Tara Judelle
Chakra 1 - MULADHARA (ROOT) CHAKRA. Ground Yourself. Cultivate stability, acceptance, trust and gratitude through a standing pose flow to ground and center you, including standing balances, hip openers, starting and ending with some brief, delicious breathwork and meditation.
2 90 Elena Brower
Chakra 3 - Manifest Transformation. Ignite the fire of your will and take action, in practice and in your life. Feel into your solar plexus, the spirit of the light in your body, through a series of standing poses and arm balancings, leading into seated twists and meditation.
2 90 Elena Brower
Chakra 5 - Your Truth, Your Voice. Attentive listening, radical honesty and why that matters in your practice - or in any realm of your life. Use this sequence of standing balances and standing backbends, hip openers, supported plow and shoulderstand, as well as some Reiki for your throat, a restorative backbend and meditation, to open your throat and locate both the grace and the wisdom in your voice. 
2 90 Elena Brower
Your Vision, Your Light. What you see really is what you get. Shift your perception and perspective into a state of complete acceptance and watch your body unfold through this sequence of standing poses, forward bends, splits, hip openers, a moment of restoration and meditation to open your eyes to the light within and around you.
2 90 Elena Brower
Receive the Blessings. Cutlivating unity through your strong foundation and open crown, this sequence of standing poses, inversions, standing balances and backbends will help you create receptivity to the beneficial influences that surround you.
2 90 Elena Brower
In this beautiful guided practice, we'll tune into the subtle elements in each of the seven energy centers. Every segment of the practice rejuvenates your system, as we ascend through the chakras, and invoke the energy of each.
1 20 Sally Kempton
Take a quick, comprehensive tour of your chakras. With just a few minutes at each latitude, learn the shorthand for the function of each chakra and become familiar with ways to open and explore your practice with the chakras in mind.
1-2 30 Elena Brower
Sally leads us through a practice where we open each chakra with the breath and sutras, and then meditate with the light of the highest chakra flowing through the body as blessing.
1 30 Sally Kempton
A profound meditation that aligns your chakras by invoking sacred qualities in each chakra, transforming your experience of yourself from within.
1 30 Sally Kempton
This chakra meditation provides a great entry point to these seven subtle energetic centers and the karmic relationships that correspond to them. Sit, be still, and focus your attention, intention and bija (seed) mantra on your chakras to make way for peaceful balance. Prop Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
2 10 Giselle Mari
Sat Kriya by itself is a powerful exercise that tones the nervous system, calms emotional disarray and channels creative and sexual energy in the body. This impactful class offers Sat Kriya in a sequence of poses that stimulate each of the chakras leaving us in a balanced and connected state. If you have not practiced Sat Kriya before, please do the tutorial before beginning. This is not suitable for women who are pregnant or menstruating. Leave time for a deep relaxation and meditation after practice. Props Suggested: A blanket and a block.
2-3 30 Kia Miller
This extended meditation focuses on the repetition of the mantra Ham Sa and uses each of the 7 traditional chakras (or subtle energy centers) as focal points for the vibration of the mantra. A powerful way to go more deeply into the mantra and the subtle experience of the chakras. Focusing systematically on the chakras in this way is an effective means for a deep and complete immersion in the meditation experience. This is an advanced meditation.
2-3 60 David Harshada Wagner
A Tantric Hatha Practice to Access the Chakras - A multi-faceted, dynamic practice that links a series of asanas will enliven the spine, awaken the pranic body and lead you inward to absorption in the world where mind, matter and the light of awareness meet. Includes ending meditation. Prop suggested: a Blanket.
2 60 Rod Stryker

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