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Evening Yoga to Unwind and Prep for Sleep

Hatha Restorative Meditation Vinyasa Flow

Evening yoga can help calm the nervous system, reduce physical and mental tension and can help you unwind after a long day. These classes are designed to help you release the day's worries and settle in for a peaceful sleep.

A delicious practice designed with specific poses to help you release your day and create the kind of tomorrow you dream of, while setting yourself up for a restful slumber. Props Needed: A blanket, a block and wall space.
1-2 45 Amy Ippoliti
A full range 30 minute practice designed to ease you from your busy day into the evening. Forward folds and supine poses blend together for relaxation, while the sequence touches on most major muscles groups for a full body effect. Good night!
1-2 30 Marc Holzman
Ever find yourself exhausted, lying in bed at the end of the day and unable to calm your mind? This class is for you. A sweet 10 minute restorative sequence to wring out your body and mind so you can rest peacefully and drift off into sweet dreams. Props Needed: A bolster, block and strap.
1-2 10 Kathryn Budig
A simple practice to help you wind down, let go, and prepare your mind and body for a deep sleep. Be systematically guided through a process of letting go and releasing anything that might keep you from sleep. This practice can be done sitting or lying in bed and is designed to be practiced at bedtime.
1-2 10 David Harshada Wagner
A quick evening practice to release your day, and settle into night. Includes a standing forward bend (uttanasana), headstand (sirsasana), seated wide legged forward bend (upavista konasana), supine leg stretches (suptapadangusthasana series), supine bound angle pose (supta baddhakonasana) and of course, a grounding corpse pose (savasana) to conclude. Props Suggested: A blanket and two blocks.
2-3 30 Tara Judelle
Designed for the end of your day, this meditation guides you through a deep relaxation and release. Find a comfortable seat, and perhaps do a few quick asanas prior to meditation so your body and mind can go deeper, easier.
1 20 David Harshada Wagner
Unwind your day with a flow that will get you moving right away and then ease off into stillness. Through steady flow, meet the restlessness of your mind with dynamic movement and then slowly ease in so the mind settles and prepares for a deep restful sleep.
2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank
Yoga Nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. A deep relaxation technique which enables you to access the unconscious mind in a conscious way. By traversing the two worlds of wakefulness and dream, the contents of the unconscious mind can arise and be integrated into the conscious experience. Here you can plant the deep seeds of Sankalpa or resolve for greater health, abundance and vitality of life.
2 30 Jo Tastula
This class is an evening wind down that has many asanas that release the muscles around the spine that will have become tight perhaps from sitting in flexion all day. We then focus on opening the belly to gain better digestion of the days food and activities. Hip openers to release tension from the pelvis and hips, finishing with a lovely, supported relaxation to support a good night's sleep. Props Needed: Two blankets, a block and a strap.
2 45 Claire Missingham
It's time for sweet dreams. Set yourself up for rest with some gentle releasing postures to balance out the body and calm the mind by releasing tension and finding softness. Just ten minutes will do the trick. Let the sheep count themselves. You're ready for bed. Props Needed: A bolster. Props Suggested: A blanket and two blocks.
1-2 10 Taylor Harkness

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