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Develop a Mindfulness Practice

Hatha Meditation

Develop a regular mindfulness practice to gain greater awareness of yourself, the world we live in and those around you.

With the body properly prepared, meditation becomes much more accessible. This practice effectively opens the hips and waist, strengthens the lower back, deepens and regulates the breath, and leads to stillness and focus. A truly efficient and balanced practice, it is recommended whether or not you plan to use it as a preparation for mediation. Props Suggested: Blanket, strap
1-2 20 Rod Stryker
Living Wisdom 1: Why Meditate? In this session, Harshada examines the purpose of meditation and encourages us to find what our personal intention is for practicing. Includes discussion and guided meditation.
1 30 David Harshada Wagner
In this easy-to-follow introduction, meditation teacher Harshada Wagner discusses the practice of meditation, speaks about its benefits, and introduces the 7-part beginner meditation series.
1 5 David Harshada Wagner
In this simple 10 minute meditation, Harshada guides you to focus deeply on the breath.
1 10 David Harshada Wagner
What does it mean to take your seat in meditation? In this practice session, Sally explores the role of correct focus as the doorway to meditation, and then guides you into a soft, gentle focus practice that can help you slip easily into the meditation slip-stream.
1 15 Sally Kempton
An exploration of what it means to "live" our meditation. We will learn a simple and powerful practice to make each session of sitting practice count and translate into action in our day. Open to all levels of meditation experience. Includes discussion and guided meditation.
1 60 David Harshada Wagner
Have you ever wondered if you're meditating correctly? This simple yet effective offering provides you with three steps that you can apply to your meditation practice, taking the guesswork out of this mindful experience. Whether you are a beginner or more intermediate practitioner, allow the many benefits of meditation to pour in as you reduce worry if you are meditating in an effective way. Props Suggested: A block and a blanket.
1 10 Giselle Mari
Creating a regular, joyous, daily practice. In this Living Wisdom session, I give some tips for creating a regular meditation practice. Class includes discussion and guided meditation.
1-2 45 David Harshada Wagner
Pranayama does not need to be difficult. Two accessible techniques lead us to the goal of practice: a quiet mind where the soul's light can fully shine.
1-2 20 Rod Stryker
Learn about meditation as a concentrative and integrative practice as you practice three meditations that build on one another. Prepare your body for your open-eyed awareness practice. Practice with breathing through your heart, using the mantra "I am." Includes a brief question/answer with a participant. Props Needed: Bolsters and blankets for sitting.
1-2 60 Sally Kempton

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