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Classes to Help You Face Your Fears

Meditation Hatha Vinyasa Flow Kundalini Yin

Classes to help you address the source of your fears and face them head-on.

This meditation focuses on clearing the energy of fear from the subtle body and cultivating the attitude of deep fearlessness within. In just a short amount of time, notice the difference in your breath, mindset and overall level of anxiety before you begin and after the meditation ends. Walk away ready to handle change and stress.
1-2 20 David Harshada Wagner
It takes a lot of courage to do yoga and sometimes it asks you to face your fears. An energetic opening warm up leads into a strong continuous standing pose flow. Followed by inversions with handstand (or a variation) at the wall including a tutorial demonstration. Continues with hip and thigh openers, backbends in salambhasana (locust), dhanurasana (bow) and seated spinal twist. Concludes with brief savasana.
1-2 60 Steven Espinosa
With this practice, transmute any "heavy" energy (sadness, grief or fear) into grounding stability. Through this sweet flow sequence, with interesting use of your back foot leading into anjaneyasana, even forearm stand, address the musculature of your legs and grounding nature of your feet in order to transmute what's weighing you down. Use this practice to create strong and steady foundational energy.
2-3 90 Elena Brower
This class focuses on moving into dropbacks, moving from the bones and the organs in order to learn new cues to move you into the unknown. Includes ustrasana, urdhva danurasana, and of course a full dose of dropbacks. Open up your front body, psoas and quads so that you can backbend more freely. Get out of your comfort zone, yet in a safe and accessible way. Props Suggested: Wall space.
2-3 90 Tara Judelle
Use inversions and arm balances to explore fear in your life and the power it has to limit you and your capacity for greatness. This class also looks at how to release fear from your tissues to open yourself to your full potential. If you're working toward a goal in your life this class will help you direct your focus and shed the fear that holds you back. Props Suggested: One block.
2-3 90 Tiffany Cruikshank
Using the metaphor of Kali, ignite your passion for vinyasa flow. Glowing like the full moon in the night sky, holding a trident that flashes like lightning and a knife etched with sacred mantras, Kali stands peaceful and content. How can you be fierce yet grace filled? Move through uplifting postures (including bakasana, eka pada koundinyasana, handstand and pincha mayurasana) while you reconnect to your inner fierceness. Props Needed: Wall space.
2-3 60 Claire Missingham
A practice for when you feel like your mind has gotten the best of you and it is time for an energetic reset. Begin with slow creative sun salutations, followed by a wonderfully challenging and effective kriya and meditation that helps you move through stuck energy and from identification with thought into a balanced state of awareness and connection. Props Suggested: A blanket.
2 90 Kia Miller
Release fear and anxiety and calm your mind and body. Reach a state of calm, through awareness of thought patterns, breathing practice and movement. Begin with restorative poses, using props to support you. Then, slowly move through several standing and seated poses stretching and loosening up your legs, hips, back and shoulders. Finish with a relaxing savasana. Props Needed: Two bolsters, a blanket and a chair.
1 60 Alex van Frank
Deficient chi in your kidney and urinary bladder meridian lines can bring up a fear of change. Keep it slow, short and sweet, while becoming familiar with what you are afraid of. Start with child's pose and slowly move into sphinx, saddle, a twist and dragonfly (straddle) before settling into a meditation or savasana. Props Suggested: A bolster and a block.
2 10 Giselle Mari

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