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Classes to Help Boost Your Energy

Vinyasa Flow Hatha Meditation Kundalini Ashtanga

Feeling sluggish and in need of energy? These class will help invigorate you when you need a boost.

There is so much packed into this little 30 minute energizer... the whole body is strengthened in this playful class concentrating on upper body/core strength and flexibility. Try crow to tripod headstand (bakasana - sirsasana) 'bunny hop' handstands (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) and wheel pose or upward facing bow on blocks (Urdhva Dhanurasana). If you have some extra time hang out and do some more backbends on your own and some long juicy twists as we backbend right up to the end of time!
2-3 30 Jo Tastula
An energizing flow infused with pranayama to feed you to your core. This is a simple vinyasa class designed with a focus on building energy with the breath. Enjoy!
2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank
Tired, feeling blue, unenthused or downright exhausted? This practice gives into the fact that you're feeling tired and starts slowly, gently and quietly with some reclined work. Then, it builds into some effective and uncommon awakening movements that include rolling back and forth from plow pose to seated forward bends. It continues this trend by gliding you through sun-salutations, standing poses, and awakening backbends.
1-2 30 Jason Crandell
Get a move-on! This non-stop half-hour flow is meant to kick up the heart rate and get some sweat flowing! Sun salutations are kicked into 5th gear, warriors go to a dance party, and twists twist into each other. Don't forget a towel.
2-3 30 Kathryn Budig
Tired? Tired of being tired? This practice will honor your fatigue while working to transcend it. You'll begin with soothing, head-supported forward bends in order to nurture your body. Then, you'll work to stimulate greater energy with accessible backbends before concluding in handstand (options given for students that aren't inverting).
1-2 30 Jason Crandell
A great meditation for those moments when we are run-down, tired and feeling drained.
1 10 David Harshada Wagner
Energize yourself with these three poses designed to kickstart your energy and give you a little more internal fuel for the day. Good late afternoon boost if you are working late!
1-2 15 Kia Miller
In the middle of the day at work or at home, use the breath in conjunction with the gaze and movement to re-invigorate and re-boot energy and focus. Props Needed: A chair and a blanket.
1-2 10 Mary Taylor
If you're looking to energize and open up your front body, this is the practice for you! This practice is all about Sun Salutation C. Surya C helps to open our hip flexors, psoas and abdominals. We will constantly move to build heat. Expect your standard Surya C with some variations as well. Arm balances and inversion options will be given. Practice on my fellow yogis! Prop Suggested: One Block.
2-3 30 Dice Iida-Klein
Start your day with this energizing sequence designed to get your body moving and ready to take on the world. Simple stretches, sun salutes and standing poses lead to some energizing backbends a simple cool down. Better than coffee & feels good. :)
2 30 Kathryn Budig

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