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Classes Designed to Compliment Cycling

Hatha Restorative Meditation

Prepping for a race or just completed a long ride? These classes are designed for you.

This is an off season cross training class for cyclists. Lots of good core work and stability work as well as plenty for your hips, spine, IT band and hamstrings. A great way to keep the muscles strong and supple in the off season. Props Needed: A block, a blanket and a strap.
2 45 Tiffany Cruikshank
When you address lower body tightness and learn to integrate lower body muscle function through specific stretches for your hips and lower back, you make strides toward more power on the pedals. This 30 minute practice will lift you there. Props Needed: A chair and a strap.
1 30 Amy Ippoliti
The best time to practice yoga as a cyclist is when your body is still warm from the ride. This will help give you long term flexibility. This 30 minute practice will get you covered.
1 30 Darren Rhodes
Feeling sluggish or unfocused before your ride? Get a much needed energy boost before you get on the bike with this quick 5 minute vitalizing breath practice. Use a blanket or cushion to help you sit up straight.
1 5 Kia Miller
Periods of heavy training on the bike can leave your nervous system wired and hard to sleep. Use this evening restorative routine to help wind down your nervous system and open your body for recovery. Props Needed: Two or three blankets.
1 20 Tiffany Cruikshank
Stretch, recover, improve your circulation, loosen up the kinks and increase your power output in this all around practice that hits on all the great benefits yoga has to offer for those who ride. This is the perfect practice for off days or if weather is preventing your from riding the bike.
2 60 Amy Ippoliti
Reduce restrictions around the chest to create more space for deeper breathing. Watch your performance on the bike go to new levels of greatness.
1 15 Darren Rhodes
This all around practice is designed to improve your balance, coordination and help you get in better physical control when handling the bike. Through a sequence of standing and balancing poses you will learn to recruit more of your passive muscles resulting in better handling on the bike!
1 30 Tiffany Cruikshank
This guided meditation was created to help improve mental clarity and focus on the bike. Have several folded blankets or two blocks handy and a soft place to sit. Props Suggested: One or two blankets.
1 15 Kia Miller
Have your cake and eat it too. This full practice for cyclists is designed to increase flexibility, enhance your recovery time, improve your circulation, oil the joints, and get more power on the bike. Props Suggested: A block or two.
1 60 Darren Rhodes

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