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Build Confidence In Key Yoga Poses

Vinyasa Flow Meditation Iyengar Hatha Ashtanga

Build confidence in key yoga poses by learning each one step by step.

You have probably heard the cue in class "Hop or step to the front of your mat," but "hop how?" you may ask. The secret lies within and it starts with your warm-up. In this tutorial practice, you will engage uddiyana bandha and learn how to train it and make it a useful tool in the Vinyasa practice, especially when floating forwards and backwards.
2 10 Chelsey Korus
In this flowing tutorial, you'll open your shoulders, back and thighs and then balance - all to help prepare your body for natarajasana (often called dancer's pose). Explore both the playful and the regal side of this standing heart opener, uncovering ways to focus it, align it, stretch it and finally balance it without all the drama and with all of the safety in your body.
2 15 Chelsey Korus
This class is a map of the interior body in savasana. Through guided imagery and anatomical detail, first set the posture. Then be guided through the inner labyrinth of the pose in order to prepare you for yoga nidra, the "great yogic sleep." Through small internal detail, learn to rest from your ears to your innermost brain, and from your skin to your soul. Props Suggested: A bolster and three to four blankets.
1-2 15 Tias Little
This short sequence will take you through a few poses to prepare to go upside down into headstand. Then you'll practice the preparation for headstand step by step and then learn the primary actions and alignment of the final pose (practicing at the wall) for optimum safety and ease. Props Needed: A block and wall space.
2 15 Marla Apt
This hip opening class builds the intelligence of your body, working towards the peak pose of eka pada koundinyasana 2. Also spend time exploring philosophical themes of Tapas (purifying heat), Svadyaya (self study) and Ishvara Pranidhana (surrendering to the guiding Divine consciousness within you). Through strength and commitment, you reach the Divine.
2-3 45 Kia Miller
Struggling to press up into wheel pose? Try this tutorial based backbending and shoulder opening class that will help you find full wheel pose, urdhva dhanurasana. Use this class as a prep for a complete vinyasa practice, so you can bend back in a safe and conscious way. Props Needed: Two blocks.
2 15 Claire Missingham
It's a little scary to move towards the floor from a handstand. Here are a few remedial steps to build strength and confidence so you can lower yourself with ease. Props Needed: A chair and wall space. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
2-3 10 Marc Holzman
Have you ever wondered if you're meditating correctly? This simple yet effective offering provides you with three steps that you can apply to your meditation practice, taking the guesswork out of this mindful experience. Whether you are a beginner or more intermediate practitioner, allow the many benefits of meditation to pour in as you reduce worry if you are meditating in an effective way. Props Suggested: A block and a blanket.
1 10 Giselle Mari
In today's practice, begin with a short warm-up of sun salutations and end with some traditional closing postures. In between, you will also participate in a thorough workshop-style look into the standing postures of Ashtanga yoga. There are six parts in the Ashtanga standing sequence. We call the first five of these The Fundamental Asanas.
1-2 60 Jodi Blumstein

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