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Boost Upper Body Strength

Hatha Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow

Build strength in your upper body

A quick blast for your arms, great to do on it's own or add it to another practice for a little extra boost of strength when you're in a pinch for time. Lots of variations on plank in here, switching it up every 30-60 seconds to keep you on your toes and ready for more. Play with some good core strength in this one as well. Props Suggested: Two towels on hardwood floor or paper plates on carpet.
2 10 Tiffany Cruikshank
Using breath patterns and fun, eccentric postures, this instructional class will introduce the intricacies for gradually building strength and balance for basic inversions and arm balancing postures. Includes asanas like sirsasana, pincha mayurasana, adho mukha vrksasana, bakasana and culminates in urdhva dhanurasana. Props Needed: A block and wall space.
2 90 Richard Freeman
This thirty minute class is all about strengthening and stretching your shoulders. Using different arm variations like gomukhasana arms, garudasana arms, and more, open up the front, side and back of your shoulders. Strengthen using poses like vasisthasana (side plank), plank and downdog. A great class to explore if you are building your arm balance practice. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
2 30 Dice Iida-Klein
Arm balances naturally require that you be able to carry your own body weight fluidly. Here's a short, simple sequence that you can do daily to gradually develop your upper arm/chest strength so you can soar with confidence. Arm balances are not performed in this sequence. A great class to do before an arm balance themed practice to prepare. Props Needed: A block.
1-2 10 Marc Holzman
Vinyasa flow depends on plenty of upper body strength, so this brief Hatha class focuses on arm and shoulder conditioning. There are plenty of options depending on how strong you want it to be, but use this as a guide to get stronger, more aware and stable. Oh, and be ready to sweat! Great to do as prep before an arm balance focused yoga practice as well. Props Needed: A block.
2 20 Kathryn Budig
A nice well rounded flow focusing on shoulder and hip opening combined with strengthening asanas. Your warm up of standing sequences, core strengthening and heat building will prepare you for your peak pose of arm pressure balance (bujipidasana) and a bit of inversion work.
2-3 60 Kathryn Budig
Full of interesting and satisfying upper-body strengthening postures, create greater stability and tone in your shoulders, chest, and upper-arms. Nope, it isn't full of ridiculously inaccessible level 200 postures that only acrobats can do. It is full of things that you can actually do or at least approach within reason. The practice as always is deliberate and accessible. It's hard, but in a good way. Props Needed: Two blocks and wall space.
2-3 45 Jason Crandell
This quick and rigorous arm balance flow includes peak poses like eka pada koundinyasana I and II, parsva bakasana and vashistasana II. Work other parts of your body as well, with back body opening in hanumanasana, twists, and quad stretches. Enjoy a brief cool down and savasana. Build confidence as you fly and strength as you sweat and balance on your hands.
2-3 30 Tara Judelle
A short class that is meant to be used repetitively to build strength for inversion prep. You can use this class on it's one or use it before or after another class. There is no warm up or cool down, just the important stuff for building strength over time. If you're using it on its own start with some sun salutations and cool down after as you like and end with a brief savasana. You'll be ready to rock your inversions in no time! Props Needed: A block and a strap.
2 20 Tiffany Cruikshank
This is a great everyday neck and shoulder sequence to help those of you who get tight, fatigued, or just want some daily maintenance. Do this practice once a day on it's own or after a challenging class to cool down. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a strap.
1 10 Kathryn Budig
Awaken, strengthen and stabilize your shoulders. If you're newer to Yoga or just returning after a break, this class will get you and your shoulders on track. Learn skillful rotation and strengthening holds for down dog and several standing poses and work in plank and locust variations. Props Suggested: A strap and a blanket.
1-2 45 Annie Carpenter

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