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Attune Your Awareness

Vinyasa Flow Restorative Meditation Ashtanga Hatha

Learn to notice the beauty of the world and others around you to create powerful everyday experiences

Tune out from the overactive mind and simply be in deep awareness of the movement of breath and energy as it needs to happen today. Honoring any tension and tightness we start slowly with seated forward bends and supported backbends. Then embrace core work to build the heat to fuel this transformative practice! Lots of hamstring and quad stretches and of course... my beloved side plank (vasistasana). Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose (utthita hasta padangusthasana) warrior 3 (virabhadrasana) and side crow (parsva bakasana) provide some balance challenge. Freeform backbends (self sequencing is wonderful to strengthen anyones home practice) and pigeon for desert :) Namaste and many many thanks!
2-3 90 Jo Tastula
Experience how a subtle, mindful approach to vinyasa can deepen your practice, reduce stress, and soothe your nervous system. Some of the focal points in this practice will be the lengthening of your exhalation, the relaxation of your sensory organs, and the continuous awareness of rooting downward into the floor.
2 60 Jason Crandell
You'll be guided into deep relaxation and subtle awareness in this led savasana practice. Containing a balanced ratio of verbal cueing and silence, this practice can stand alone or be paired with any other YogaGlo offering. It will take you deeply inward and allow you to let go into a feeling of spacious restfulness.
1 15 Jason Crandell
Mindfulness is a spacious inclusive awareness of what ever is arising. As everything that is arising is continuously changing, the art of the practice is to stay aware of each passing part without getting stuck in it. A continuous flow is a great way to practice this meditation as movement. There are a lot of deep forward bends which both lengthen the muscles in the back of the body, but also calm the nervous system and mind. Sun salutations (surya namaskara A) which have lots of standing forward bend (uttanasana) also wide legged forward bend (prasarita padottanasana) pyramid pose (parsvottanasana). Balance poses tree (vrksasana) eagle (garudasana) warrior 3 (virabhadrasana). Deep lunge (anjanyasana) dolphin and free time at the end of practice for your own inversions or backbends. Nice guided savasana. Blessings!
2 60 Jo Tastula
Meditation to help bring us into the center of awareness.
1-2 15 Tara Judelle
The gift that keeps giving. As we connect to what matters we start to affect not just the course of our own lives, but also those around us. This meditation develops intuitive awareness, promotes an experience of universal Truth, and oneness. If you are keen on developing your meditative practice this is a great way to go.
1 20 Kia Miller
Guided savasana journeying through the chakra energy centers of the body to come into a deeper awareness of our essential nature. Optional Props: Blanket, bolster, blocks
1 30 Jo Tastula
In deep meditation, our consciousness can free itself from concepts, beliefs and limiting ideas. How do we do this? By learning how to let ourselves be, with conscious awareness of our own inner Awareness. This powerful meditation accesses the natural state.
1 15 Sally Kempton
A beautiful visual journey into the blue light of awareness, as the breath opens a flower in the heart, drawing us up into the higher self and allowing its light to surround and cradle us.
1 15 Sally Kempton
This class will have a strong focus on ATTENTION. We are exploring ADVANCED yoga practice, not through super advanced asanas but by cultivating sharper focus to cut through the dissipation of our attention that can sometimes slow us down. Expect modified half primary. Props: Two blankets
2 90 Jodi Blumstein
The inner gateways of the body, the inner centers along the sushumna. Meditation on the inner core of awareness known as the sushumna nadi, in which we discover how the inner body can connect us to Awareness itself.
1-2 20 Sally Kempton
This foundational sound practice harnesses the power of the breath and the mantra so'ham to transform your awareness. A beautifully guided classical practice; both for seated meditation and for meditation moments during the day. Practiced over time, it leads to subtle and powerful experiences of your empowered Self.
1 20 Sally Kempton
A solar practice using asana, breath and bandha links you to prana or life force. Build vitality, enthusiasm, expansion, subtle awareness and power. Building your connection to prana is the basis for making your yoga more energetic as well as expanding its impact to be potentially limitless. It is also the foundation for the final stage of practice, fire.
2 90 Rod Stryker
Bring yourself into pure presence by becoming fully aware of the flow of breath, the arising of sensations and thoughts and finally by recognizing pure Awareness in your experience. Ends with a full immersion in Awareness. Props Suggested: Blankets or a bolster.
1-2 15 Sally Kempton
How to find the doorway into pure spacious awareness by focusing on the gap between inbreath and outbreath. Initiation into this core practice for depth meditation is given. Props Suggested: Blankets or a bolster.
1-2 15 Sally Kempton

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