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New Year, New Perspective

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Hatha

Transition into the New Year with grace, ease, strength & stamina.

Consistency is more important than Ashtanga New Years Resolution - A traditional Ashtanga yoga practice is done 6 days a week, taking off the new moon and full moon as holidays. In your daily life, this sort of rigorous schedule is not always practical. This practice is designed to encourage consistency which comes from a strong commitment to practice with a resolution to show up on the mat no matter how long or how far you go in the traditional sequences. Includes sun salutations, standing postures and finish with a few seated poses and shoulder stand.
2 30 Jodi Blumstein
Authoring Your Story: This class features the myth of Ganapati, to inspire you to manifest your highest aspirations in the dedication of moment to moment practice. Using a Vinyasa strategy and progressive sequencing, this class explores a variety of standing poses and side-plank (Vashistasana) variations. As you set your intentions for the New Year, this class will explore and provide you tools to manifest the changes you are committing to, so that your new year may be that much more fulfilling.
2 90 Noah Maze
New year, new day, new moment, new breath. Get present with now and flow from there. Memory is a strong trigger and if you can take the time to recognize the trigger as an old scar then you can choose to heal the scar. A well rounded flow of standing poses, danurasana, hip openers and twists.
2 20 Stephanie Snyder
The fresh start of the New Year gives you the opportunity to reconnect to what you want and get your enthusiasm back. Join in with people from all over the globe who are ready to connect back into what they intend for the new year. Focus on a couple of peak poses that must be broken out into parts to achieve, much like your goals. Props Needed: A blanket and a strap.
2 45 Amy Ippoliti
Celebrate your goodness in a well rounded, mindfully moving flow. Consider your many accomplishments and all that you do well this New Year. Rather than look at what you want to fix and make impossible resolutions, let's celebrate all the ways you are truly great beings. Practice all your beloved poses and toast this miraculous practice and your extraordinary selves. Props Needed: A block.
1-2 60 Annie Carpenter
Happy New Year! Arm balances represent strength, commitment and patience which are the same ingredients required to manifest goals. By working in increments, bakasana (crow pose) with straight arms and eka pada galavasana are demystified. A slow warm up with hip openers, begins on the floor, then up to standing as you build, step by step, to your peak. Props Needed: A strap.
2 60 Marc Holzman
Although the New Year is traditionally a time for looking toward the future, it is also important to take time to remember all of our personal growth during this past year in order to step fully forward into the New Year. This all around class is a perfect way to do that.
1-2 30 Steven Espinosa
Wring out the old and welcome in the new with this class of twists, lateral bends, backbends and forward bends. Bend your spine in every direction with a focus on your kidney band. Make space for a fantastic new year. Props Suggested: A blanket and a block.
2 60 Noah Maze
This all-around, whole-body practice will set the tone for the New Year. While encouraging you to be mindful of your intentions for the new year, move through hip-openers, salutations, standing poses, inversions, backbends and arm-balances. Connect to the deepest reasons you practice yoga. Props Suggested: Wall space.
2-3 60 Jason Crandell
Cultivate your connection to the Earth by consciously resting your feet on the ground to open yourself to your highest intention for this New Year. Expect 40 minutes of physical practice, plus 20 minutes of Yin practice to nourish your kidneys, bathe your cells and set the emotional tone of your mind. Props: Blanket, Bolster
2 60 Elena Brower
New Years Eve is a powerful time to ceremoniously let go of the old, welcome the new and set intentions for creating your best year ever! The first part of this class is steeped with opportunity to reflect, honor and release old energy. Try reverence vinyasas simple kneeling heroes pose to cobra (vajrasana to bhujangasana) and detox sun salutations (surya namaskar with crescent variation). Next, build heat, sweat your prayers and twist out the old. The second part of the class is an abundance flow for inviting in loving & joyful energy for the New Year. Dancing flow through externally rotated postures warrior 2, extended side angle pose, triangle, half moon & tree (virabhadrasana 2, utthita parsvakonasana, ardha chandrasana & vrksasana). Interesting postures include root pose & side plank with hand to big toe (mulabhandasana & utthita hasta pada vasistasana). Finally, set your intension (sankalpa) with a 30 min yoga nidra. Blessings for your BEST YEAR EVER!
1-2 90 Jo Tastula
Happy New Year! Set your intention and then stoke the fire through this strong flow intended to keep you on track:)
2-3 90 Kathryn Budig
Do you want to start the New Year by cultivating strength and stamina in your body, while also committing to a practice of seated meditation? If so, here's your practice! This vigorous morning sequence will lead you through 4 different types of sun salutations before guiding you through a wide-array of standing poses. Toss in an inversion, some hip-opening, twisting and mild-backbending before a 5-minute seated meditation and you have the formula for this nourishing, balanced practice.
2 45 Jason Crandell
The New Year always brings new resolutions, but most likely your "new" resolutions are goals or ideas REFINED from the year before. This class is geared towards REFINING and retouching the practice, getting back to the breath and refining the asanas via the breath and slow movements. My goal for this class was to do a slower "Dice" class...hopefully I succeeded. Either way, a yogi is always refining his or her practice and I'm always refining my sharing abilities with my fellow yogis. Class includes modified Surya A, dancing warrior, handstands, lizard poses, pigeon prep (single pigeon), half-lotus in standing forward fold (ardha padma uttanasana) and hollowback handstands and forearm balance for backbends. Happy New Year yogis!!!
2-3 60 Dice Iida-Klein
Transitions - making a graceful transition into the New Year through a steady but strong asana practice, incorporating graceful transitions between poses with fluid breath and body movement. Standing postures include Crescent, Triangle, Warrior Two and Extended Side Angle. Hip opener with Pidgeon and thigh stretch. Finishes with Backbend in Urdhva Danurasana (Upward Facing Bow)
1-2 45 Steven Espinosa

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