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Detox and Rejuvenate

Yin Vinyasa Flow Hatha Kundalini

Stimulate the digestive system and help to release the toxins and stress that build up in your body during the holidays.

Focus on your liver and gallbladder meridians in this lightly detoxifying sequence. Includes poses that stretch the outer seams of your legs along with some light twists and hamstring stretches. Your liver serves as your "filtering" system. Show it some love back! Props Needed: A strap.
1 30 Carole Westerman
A vigorous class to clear out the excess of the holidays. This class will give your metabolism a boost and balance out all the holiday indulgences.
2 60 Tiffany Cruikshank
Begin with a quick flow to build heat and then experience long holds. Also do some work for the neck & shoulders to help release toxic stress that accumulates there. Use movement to help circulate the blood to help release toxins with some deeper twisting variations to help work a little deeper. You can use this practice with a larger detox routine or on its own. Props Needed: A blanket or towel.
2 45 Tiffany Cruikshank
A fantastic and challenging class for those of you whom may have over indulged or are giving up sugar, caffeine or other stimulants. In a moderately paced flow, get into twists through seated and standing poses, as well as arm balances like parsva bakasana and grasshopper. Enjoy stimulating pranayama, neutralizers and counter poses. Great also if you just need to give your skin a healthy glow from the inside out.
2-3 45 Claire Missingham
Invigorate your practice with this strong, challenging flow that focuses on twists and forward bends for detoxification. Twists are associated with toning and rejuvenating, and forward folding brings core awareness. Expect to increase blood flow, feeling a sense of rinsing and clearing from the inside out. Get your heart pumping and body moving as you also practice balance postures, optional handstands, and conclude with a nice long cool down. Leave feeling refreshed and energized! Props Needed: A block. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
2-3 90 Claudine Lafond
Combining the principles of Ayurveda and tantric Hatha, move through a dynamic practice that emphasizes purification of your body by way of directing prana (life force) to your heart for transformation on all levels. Begin your practice with simple movements combined with the sound of Om so you can tune in and get centered. Use postures like forward folds, bound extended side angle, and a dynamic cobra sequence to engage the viscera. Rest in savasana.
2 75 Rod Stryker
A fun twisting class that focuses on the Ayurvedic approach to Agni and the digestive system. This class uses interesting transitions into twisting and detoxifying asanas. Prop: Optional block
1-2 30 Claire Missingham
A short detox flow to flush out toxins and cleanse the body and mind. We will use the breath and movement to pump the blood through the abdominal organs as a refresher for the whole body. This class uses breath work and cardiovascular movement to increase circulation around the liver and digestive organs to help move stagnation and enhance detoxification. If you have a block, strap and blanket we will use them but there are modifications if not. A nice detox used on its own or in conjunction with a dietary modifications to help give your body a fresh start. Props: Block, Strap, and Blanket optional
2 45 Tiffany Cruikshank
This fun class consists of dynamic movements that energize and detoxify the body, specifically the liver, colon and stomach. Take this class to move stagnation out of the body and promote deep healing. Kickstart a healthier version of you! Class includes mantras: Sa Ta Na Ma, Hari Har and Hum Dum Har Har Har Har Hum Dum. Enjoy!
2 60 Kia Miller
If you've had a rough night, live in a polluted city, or simply feel it's time to cleanse the organs, here are 6 poses you can do to fight free radicals and remove toxins. Two blocks, a blanket and free wall space recommended.
1-2 20 Marc Holzman
Ring yourself out and release toxicity in all forms through a flow of twists and thigh-rooting poses. This is a yoga cleanse that will leave you feeling deeply refreshed and polished. Optional props: block, blanket
2 60 Amy Ippoliti
Learn how to nurture and detox your body through the holidays. This class focuses on core work and twists to aid in digestion, detox and deep core appreciation. Enjoy the decadence of the holiday season with the balance of your practice. Trust your gut!
2-3 60 Kathryn Budig
Antidote for holiday excess? Stimulate healthy digestion and elimination with a gentle sequence of twists alternating with abdominal strengtheners and forward folds. Take a break two hours after or one hour before you eat to enjoy your food even more.
1 60 Felicia Tomasko
This is a complete practice that will challenge you and keep you moving through a fluid sequence. This class includes creative sun salutations, strong warrior 1 and warrior 2 standing sequences, core strengthening, twists, hip openers and backbends (Dhanurasana, Urdvha Dhanurasana). You will feel energized and detoxified!
2-3 60 Stephanie Snyder
This flow is aimed at detoxing the body via twists, hip and low back opening, as well as a decent amount of core work from our hands and backs. Tossing aside our usual Warrior 2, Parsvakonasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana, we explore Anjaneyasana, Crescent pose, revolved Crescent and revolved half-moon along with twists upside down and standing. Handstand options are given throughout of course! A light forward fold sequence follows to top it all off. No major backbends in this flow my fellow yogis. Enjoy!
2-3 60 Dice Iida-Klein
Move through gentile twists and poses that put pressure on just the right spots in your stomach to facilitate good digestion, which is essential for the optimal assimilation of nutrients and thus the optimal health of the rest of your organs and cells in your body. Use as needed or on a more regular basis to help stimulate digestion. Best done on an empty stomach. Avoid if you are pregnant or on your cycle. Props Needed: A blanket and a block.
1-2 30 Tiffany Cruikshank

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