Relieve Pain in Low Back and Knees

Vinyasa Flow with Dice Iida-Klein

Level 2-3 60 mins

Getting into the outer thigh (iliotibial band) is a great to way relieve pain in the low back and knees. Warming up via Surya Namaskar A and a dancing warrior sequence w/ standing splits variations (urdhva prasarita ekapadasana),we make our way into eagle pose (garudasana), revolved half-moon pose (parvritta ardha chandrasana), cross-legged forward fold (uttanasana), revolved triangle (parvritta trikonasana), cross-legged wide-leg forward fold (prasarita padattonasana), cow-face pose (gomukhasana), half lord of the fishes pose (ardha matsyendrasana) and finally our favorite twisted arm balance, eka pada koundinyasana I !!! Handstand variations given throughout the class, culminating in handstands on blocks near the wall and in the middle of the room. No backbends this class :) Enjoy my fellow yogis!

Practice Focus

Hip Opener, Knees & IT Band


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