Backbends for Strength, Stamina & Playfulness

Hatha with Noah Mazé

Level 2-3 90 mins

Backbends to create strength, stamina and playfulness. This strong class begins with sun salutations, standing poses in vinyasa, thigh stretches, forearm balance variations, backbends with props (block, strap, folding chairs), into upward bow 1 and 2 (urdhva dhanurasana I & II) and two leg inverted staff pose (dwi pada viparita dandasana) with a strap. This class uses a lot of props, to build opening with support, and the propped backbends can also substitute for the full poses. This class does not include savasana (final resting pose), so take extra time if you can to rest.

Practice Focus

Backbends, Lower Back & Upper Back



Noah Mazé

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