Scrumptious Hip-Opening Flow

Vinyasa Flow with Jo Tastula

Level 2 60 mins

Ease into this scrumptious hip opening class with seated easy pose (sukhasana), one legged straddle (ardha upavistha konasana) and a meditation on Open Awareness ~ becoming aware of the constant stream of sensations moving across your inner pallet. We'll move around the mat a little touching the hips from all angles ~ tree (vrksasana), warrior 2 (virabhadrasana 2) triangle (utthita trikonasana) half moon (ardha chandrasana) eka pada galavanasana prep (standing pigeon) one legged king pigeon (eka pada raja kapotasana). Stay sharp... this class gets muddled! Juicy savasana and dedication to finish

Practice Focus

Hip Opener & Hips


Jo Tastula

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