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Get moving right away and work through serveral intervals of asana to rev up your metabolism. Flow through variations of sun salutations, twists, and inversions to get your heart pumping with less talking. Then, relengthen your major muscle groups. Finish feeling balanced and revitalized.
If you are pressed for time and need an invigorating sequence, look no further! Spending hours at a desk does not do a body good. Warm your entire body and loosen up all your tight spots with efficiency and joy! Includes upper body tension release, lunges and modified sun salutations. Props Needed: Two blocks.
A hotel room is my home away from home, but I don't want it to be an excuse to skip my practice. This is my favorite go-to sequence to help keep me healthy and strong on the road without expending excessive energy.
Start your day right by energizing your body and focusing your mind. Ease into it with five minutes of gentle stretching before awakening your body with sun salutations, standing poses, side bends and enlivening backbends. Emphasize breath, movement and transitions instead of sustaining long holds. Finish with handstand (options available). Props Needed: A block, a strap and wall space.
Help relieve those pesky cramps that tend to get underneath your ribs when running. Practice deep breathing while doing a quick series of lateral side bends. Move through a brief warm up before moving into a targeted but gentle flow. Take these moves with you on your next jog. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
Start your day feeling warm and vibrant with sun salutations, standing poses, wild thing, curvy backbends, elegant twists and juicy hip openers. Concludes with a brief centering meditation to set the tone for your awesome day. Rock ON!
Time for some deep hip love! This full flow class blends deep hip burning with hip stretching to create the perfect balance and freedom in the pelvis. Start warming up your body with variations of sun salutations focusing on your hips. Play with lizard pose before heading into a few arm balances. Finish with wheel pose before cooling off on the floor. Savasana closes your practice.
You're new to yoga, but you still want to get your flow on! We hear you! All you need is a mat, an open mind and a sense of adventure and you're on your way. A class great for your first time but will grow with you too, so you can come back to it whenever you want to get in a quick and well-rounded practice. Full of hip openers, standing poses, spine strengtheners, variations on Sun Salutations, and a dash of core work. Props Suggested: A block.
Treat yourself to a little peace. Sit down for a guided meditation that will help develop your witnessing skills and calm your mind and body. No experience necessary, just a willingness to sit and be led. Props Suggested: A blanket
This is a vigorous flow class to get you moving in a short period of time. You will hit a lot of everything but mostly get your heart pumping, get your muscles moving, throw in a some core work here and there and then do some quick hip opening at the end. Great when you need to move and are short on time.
One of the most amazing things about taking a yoga class is you can walk in feeling one way and walk out feeling entirely transformed in just an hour. An all around practice with vinyasas to build heat and strength between standing poses. Finish with backbends, a hip opener, twist and a brief savasana. Welcome to a healthy happy hour!

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