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Katherine Priore

Katherine Priore

Katherine Priore is the founder and executive director of Headstand, a non-profit organization dedicated to integrating social and emotional wellness strategies through yoga and character education in K-12 schools. Directing the yoga in schools movement, Katherine oversees school programming, fundraising, strategic partnerships, and organizational sustainability. She directs Headstand programs at KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program), leads workshops training teachers around the country, and strategizes with school leaders to develop culture shifts for greater wellness in K-12 settings.

Katherine is an educator and yoga teacher. Katherine began her studies in yoga twelve years ago as a way to relieve stress as a public school teacher. Since then she has cultivated a profound appreciation for the calming, therapeutic, and grounding aspects of yoga.

She is grateful to her teachers Stephanie Snyder, Jason Crandell, Sarah Powers, and Sianna Sherman.

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The Power of Creating a YogaGlo Account for Your Teen

YogaGlo offers classes designed specifically for students 13 years and older and the many challenges they face in school, on the practice field, in communicating with others - in life! Our teen yoga curriculum focuses on the key character strengths such as Persistence, Humility, Curiosity, Perspective, Integrity, Kindness, Self-Regulation and Humor that yoga can help them cultivate.

NOTE: When you create an account for your teen, they will have access to a teen-only site and will only see yoga classes created just for them. They will not have access to any of the classes that are available to you as a YogaGlo member.

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