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Introduction To Mind Body Overhaul Cleanse Workshop

Vinyasa Flow | By Tiffany Cruikshank on Dec 27 2011
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Need an overhaul for your body and your mind? Then you're in the right place. This workshop is a series of classes meant to eliminate toxins, stimulate digestion, regulate the metabolism and calm the mind. When you cleanse the body you eliminate the layers of tension, debris and general heaviness and lethargy to rejuvenate the body and the mind. Each class is purposely designed to work through the entire body with this series. This program can be done for 1 week, 1 month or several months. You can use it for a week here and there whenever you need a tune up or you can do a longer intensive cleanse. Use it as you need it, when you need it, from wherever you are to keep your health on track. There are four 60 minute classes and two 30 minute classes to be used as a 6 day a week practice. You can use them in any order that works for your schedule with one day of rest a week. There is also a 20 minute "filler" class for the days when you feel like you don't have time for your practice so that you can stay on track even when life throws you a curve ball. Here are the classes included:

60 minute Sweat Your Heart Out (a heart-pumping flow class to get you moving)
60 minute Source Your Strength (a strength based class with holds to let you settle into the areas that resist and give your mind a place to rest)
60 minute Cleansing Flow (flow class more focused on eliminating toxins and stimulating the digestion)
60 minute Cleanse Yin Class (to release tension and get into the deeper areas that are harder to let go of)
30 minute Cleanse Yin Class (to reset the nervous system, great for high stress lifestyles and great just before bed to induce a deep rejuvenating sleep)
30 minute Cleanse Flow Class (quick well rounded flow)
20 minute Cleanse Filler Class (get what you need and continue the cleanse even when you don't have time)

Please note that the classes in this series are level 2 but there are options throughout to ramp it up to a level 2/3 as you progress. These classes are meant to be repeated so there is just enough explanation to keep the flow and still enjoy it over and over with plenty of little tidbits of information as you go.

If you want more info on detoxification you can do this series with my book, Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life, and follow the detailed guidelines there on nutrition, pranayama, meditation, myofascial release and some simple home remedies for detoxification.

Join my Facebook page- Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life- and connect with others doing the cleanse for support & inspiration along the way.

Price: $50 for all videos

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  • Gennica Ivey     Nov 28th, 2014
    I'm also having issues downloading the workshop.

    I was able to download videos 1 &2 but can't access the rest.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
    • YogaGlo     Nov 28th, 2014
      Hi Gennica. We have also sent you some assistance via email :)
      • Gennica Ivey     Nov 28th, 2014
        Thank you! Got it. Just finished the first cardio class!! It was amazing!! Can't wait to see the rest :)
  • Adelle Daniels     Nov 9th, 2014
    Not able to download after purchase. Any help?
    • YogaGlo     Nov 10th, 2014
      Hi Adelle. We've sent you an email with some suggestions to help with your download.
  • jessica hudec     Oct 1st, 2014
    Yogaglo, can you please send me an email with download help, too? Can I download to my iPad or do I have to be on a PC?
  • Effie H     Sep 18th, 2014
    Hi Yogaglo, I can download all of the files except one of the 60 minute flows - the 'sweat your heart out' - is it still available to download - if so please advise! thanks
    • YogaGlo     Sep 18th, 2014
      Hi Effie, we have sent you an email to assist you with downloading this workshop.
  • Paul Ng     Apr 18th, 2014
    Thanks for your recent workshop in Boston. Me and Carrie really enjoyed it. I has helped me to trouble shoot my practices in inversion and backbend. Happy Easter holiday.
    Paul and Carrie Ng
  • kendra jones     Feb 9th, 2013
    Just got my book and purchase this workshop :) Cannot wait to drive deeper into my practice. Much luv continue to inspire my friend.
  • Rachel Silverman     Oct 19th, 2012
    Just downloaded these, excited to start them :)
  • Rachel Silverman     Oct 19th, 2012
    Just downloaded these, excited to start them :)
  • Melanie Zerr     Sep 6th, 2012
    Just downloaded these and am looking forward to getting at them!
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     May 18th, 2012
    Thanks Julia, glad you made it and thank you so much for the chocolate, that was so sweet of you- I love it!! That's hilarious by the way. Hope to see you again soon, stay in touch. ;)
  • Julia Hyde     May 13th, 2012
    Tiffany, thanks again for the amazing workshops in Strasbourg. So many great new projects to work on. Enjoy Europe ... And the chocolate ;) ... Oh! My husband was waiting for me outside the studio today when he saw a girl come out of the studio and vigorously grab her own glute.... Hehehe. He was a bit surprised, but I laughed. Thought you would appreciate the humor !
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     May 10th, 2012
    Hey Rebecca! It's hard to say, it could be something moving through the gut or it could be just working deeper. If its painful back off for a bit and then try it again in a few days or so and see how it feels. Glad you're enjoying it. ;)
  • Rebecca Powell     May 8th, 2012
    Loving these! Using them over and over...really great series! Quick question...did the 60 min cleanse class yesterday. For the first time, I experienced some pretty extreme tenderness in the belly area with the block work, and this morning I've got some low back discomfort. It's not my back though, its more in the kidney area, if that makes sense. Drinking lots of water to flush toxins, but since this is a new phenomenon for me, I wondered if it was fairly normal for a deep cleanse and I'd just gone deeper than I typically do? Thanks!
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Mar 17th, 2012
    Glad you're enjoying it Flo, happy to help. ;)
  • Flo Sheffield     Mar 16th, 2012
    Just purchased and received your book. Very excited to begin next week just in time for spring! Thank you Tiffany for making this so easy to do from home with a busy schedule!
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Feb 13th, 2012
    Awesome, let me know how it goes M'Le. :)
  • M'Le Leach     Feb 11th, 2012
    Just bought this today. Can't wait to start! These will be my go to classes during my detox. XD
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Feb 2nd, 2012
    Thanks Julia. Yes, the hamstring stretches on the back are usually more difficult because it really isolates the hamstring so that you can't compensate by rounding the back. The best way to work up to this is to start doing the hamstring stretch on your back regularly, try holding for 3-5mins on each side 3-5 times a week. Also make sure you're not pushing in too deep that you can't let the muscles relax. Hope that helps. ;)
  • Julia Hyde     Feb 2nd, 2012
    tiffany, at one point in the strength class, you mention the fact that some people are unable to straighten their legs while lying on their backs is due to tight hamstrings. in standing forward folds and sitting forward folds, i dont find it to be a problem, but when i am on my back i have a really hard time getting and keeping my legs straight. any suggestions on how to loosen them up a bit? thanks again for these great classes!
    and in half-moon, revolved half-moon, and digasana should the knees be microbent?
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 30th, 2012
    Great to hear Jennifer, glad you're enjoying it! :)
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 30th, 2012
    It's always good to keep an open mind Tara but there's also a time to realize some things may never change (especially after 9 surgeries) and acknowledge & move on, we all have our limitations. I don't know your history but sometimes the energy we spend trying to "fix" something can actually hold us back. There are still plenty of fantastic things to be grateful for that our bodies allow us to do. Let me know what you think of my book Tara, hope you enjoy it! ;)
  • Tara Molnar     Jan 30th, 2012
    Thanks so much, Tiffany - after 9 knee surgeries, not sure how much more range of motion I will get, but I will keep working on it. The low lunge pose you suggested does help alot. Just received your book in the mail, starting the series today, looking forward to the cleanse!
  • Jennifer Bonnell     Jan 30th, 2012
    Thanks Tiffany - I did the 30 minute yin class yesterday and it was just what I needed. I've started the order you suggested today with the cardio class. It was great! I had to modify a bit, but also managed to do some things I didn't think I could. I anticipate using these videos repeatedly in the future...and maybe I'll be able to do those crazy tap-toe/tap-bum arm balance pushups someday soon!
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 29th, 2012
    Hi Jennifer, the order is up to you. I prefer it this way: mon- 60min cardio class, tues- 60min strength class, wed- 30min yin, thurs- 60min cleanse, fri- 30min flow, sat- 60min yin, sun- rest. However you can also just do whatever works for your schedule so that you hit one of each for 6 days a week and use the 20min filler class instead when you're short on time. The intro video has a good overview of this as well. Enjoy! ;)
  • Jennifer Bonnell     Jan 28th, 2012
    Hi Tiffany - I've just downloaded the videos and look forward to starting them! I was wondering if you had any particular suggestion as to order of practice, or if it was just pick and choose as per how I feel any given day.

  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 27th, 2012
    It depends on what's going on Tara, if it's painful you just want to slowly work the range by staying just in front of the pain. Generally opening up the front of the thigh will be helpful, for instance in a low lunge with the back knee on the floor grab the back knee and grab your ankle with the opposite hand to stretch the quads & hip flexors to help increase the range of motion in knee flexion without the weight bearing component in hero's pose. In the poses where we are holding childs pose or hero's pose for several minutes you can take sukhasana with one shin in front of the other folding forward instead. Hope that helps. ;)
  • Tara Molnar     Jan 25th, 2012
    Hi Tiffany,

    I, too, have knee issues, and decreased range of motion in both, preventing me from hero, low squat, etc. Any practices you can suggest to improve range of motion in those joints? Thanks so much!
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 8th, 2012
    Hey Shannon, glad you liked the yin class. If your knees bother you in hero's pose just stretch the legs out straight in front of you or put them in badha konasana with the soles of your feet together. You'll do the block the same and get the same chest opening experience. ;)
  • Shannon McGee     Jan 8th, 2012
    Tiffany - I just did the 30 minute yin class (lovely!) and I had a question about hero pose with the blocks between the shoulder blades and under the head. If you are unable to sit in hero because of knee issues, etc. is there something else you recommend to do with the legs and still get the great heart opening?
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 4th, 2012
    Thanks Heather, glad you're enjoying it. I'm really happy to put something out there that will be a helpful tool for anyone willing to try and I'm always happy to hear people like yourself who are taking advantage of it. Happy new year! ;)
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 4th, 2012
    Glad you're enjoying the classes Stephanie, it's funny how the slower classes can be trickier to enjoy when you're used to moving. I love a good vigorous class too and when I'm out of practice the yin can be trickier but I usually find that if I can relax into it those are the times that I feel the best afterwards. Hope you enjoy the down time. Let me know how the yin goes... ;)
  • Tiffany Cruikshank     Jan 4th, 2012
    Nice Julia, glad you're enjoying the combo! Happy cleansing ;)
  • Stephanie Dufort     Jan 4th, 2012
    loved the strength class as well, especially the core work interspersed throughout. thank you!
  • heather lindsay     Jan 4th, 2012
    Love these. Thank you for the excellent price too.
  • Stephanie Dufort     Jan 2nd, 2012
    Just did the 60 minute cardio class, it was really awesome :) Really enjoyed the continuous flow without breaks for tutorials. Now to start finding the same satisfaction in yin classes...
  • Julia Hyde     Jan 1st, 2012
    thanks for these overhaul classes, tiffany- a great accompaniment to your book, and to starting off the year right. happy new year!
  • YogaGlo     Dec 28th, 2011
    Jennifer - you're right, we just added the last one. Thank you for pointing that out.
  • Jennifer Schmidt     Dec 28th, 2011
    I think that one of the 60 minute files may be missing? There are 4 60-minute classes, 2 30-minute classes and 1 20- minute class plus the intro (which is the first download that I wasn't expecting). That totals 8 files and there are seven files to download. Based on the titles, I'm not exactly sure which one is missing.